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  1. Would love to participate. I'm by no means a designer. LOL Wenie
  2. Awesome tote. I like the colors and the design. Wenie
  3. WOW, what an awesome collection. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite books and movie. The outfits are adorable. Great Job! Wenie
  4. That is a super precious gift. Your pup is adorable and hope all is well with you. Wenie
  5. What a sweet gift for your father-in-law. You did a beautiful job. Wenie
  6. It's so yummy looking. Great job! Wenie
  7. Lucky Hubby...Great job on his afghan and great idea on the colors. Wenie
  8. A lovely table indeed. All your items are beautiful. Wenie
  9. Wenie

    completed ripple

    Very pretty and I love the colors. Wenie
  10. Wenie

    Tiffany Rose

    Your wife's afghan is beautiful. Wenie
  11. Absolutely, positively, adorable. I wish I have your talent. Would love to have the pattern if it's available. Wenie
  12. Nellie and her top are both adorable. Love the color. Wenie
  13. Love your hats and thanks for the link to Christina's site. It's wonderful how Christina included the placement diagram. Wenie
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