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    I'm a 35 yr old single mom, 13 yr old DD
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    SF Bay Area
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    Crocheting (of course), foreign/independent films, Jazzercise, avid reader, cooking
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    Marketing Coordinator
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    accessories, scarves, sweaters and wraps
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    Since 1987
  1. HollyzHobbyz start watching for the mailman. I dropped your dishcloth in the mail today.
  2. MooMoo, I'm so glad you enjoyed the package. When I opened my package and saw the same Vanna's Choice Rose Mist yarn I picked out for you, I thought " Great minds do think alike" LOL. It's one of my favorite yarns and I hope you enjoy working with it too. Putting together your spring bouquet package was a blast! I received an extra goodie in the mail over the weekend. MooMoo I love the customized crochet hook! I'll get a picture up in the next day or so. It must be seen to be appreciated.
  3. Hi Holly, Thank you for the beautiful dishcloth. The pictures below do not do it justice. I can see why this pattern is one of your favorites...the cloth is thick and absorbent...I can not wait to use it! I really like the pink, light green and blues....it's a perfect match for my kitchen. Your dishcloth should be ready to ship on Monday. I just have to decide which one to send.
  4. MooMoos package was waiting for me when I got home yesterday evening. I did not get a chance to open it until this morning and I could not be happier! MooMoo I am touched by the thought and care you put into selecting each and every item for this package. I received: a multi-textured purple tote a toliet set to compliment my bathroom decor a box of chamomile tea a mug covered in flowers 2 bags of sugar free hard candies 2 magnetic flower notepads for my kitchen a flower notebook 3 packages of seeds 2 flower key chains (one for me, one for my daughter) flower hair ties a package of handkerchiefs embroidered with flowers a set of large flower paperclips 4 of the most beautiful silk flower pens a pocket sized floral printed calendar 2 skeins of Vanna's Choice yarn in Rose Mist another skein of yarn in a blend I've never tried 3 bunches of silk daises, one each white, pink and yellow a flower scrubbie a flower dishcloth 2 floral hot pads that are too beautiful to use a red and a pink rose a book of 200 Crochet Flower Embellishments and Trims 4 floral scented candles 2 floral scented bath cubes a bar of jasmine scented soap (my favorite) a bottle of rose scented lotion Oh my goodness! I think I may have left something out of the list. MooMoo thank you ! I'll come back and add photos after class tonight.
  5. I dropped Moomoo's package off on the way to work this morning. Now the waiting begins...
  6. HollyzHobbyz is my partner! Yay!!!! I've narrowed it down to five patterns...now I just have to choose one I think she will really enjoy...
  7. I'm furiously working to finish the edging on my last project for MooMoo's package. I still have time for one more shopping trip before I close the box. It's going to be tight, but I plan to mail on Friday.
  8. Wow! Those are beautiful packages ladies. Each one inspires me to think about something else I could add . I'm notorious for mailing right before the deadline. I use every opportunity to pack an extra little project or goodie into the box I found the postcard this weekend. I also picked up a great bit of yarn at the LYS I checked out over the weekend. Would you believe I learned how to knit by throwing in under an hour while I was there? I've been trying to teach myself to knit by "picking" for almost a year. It was a great expeirence spending time at the open table in the LYS. I've never had an opportunity to work with other crocheters/knitters. The ladies had a few suggestions about skeins with flowers in their names too! This is easily one of my favorite swaps and I look forward to the next time it comes around. I think annually would be good.
  9. I participated in this swap for the first time last year. It's now one of my favorites! My survey is on it's way to the swap hostess. Wooo Hooo!
  10. Hi Ladies, Although I've been missing in action on the boards, I am making great progress with Moomoo's package. I have most of the required items ready to go. The postcard seems to be the hardest thing to find, but I'm getting close. Ordering it online was a stroke of genius Kidge! I found a pattern earlier this week for something I really want to include. The pattern is a little stretch for me, but it is so beautiful I can't resist and I think Moomoo will like it alot. This weekend I'm going to check out a local yarn store I just heard and hope to find just the right yarn for the project. We have three heavy storms moving through the area this week, perfect motivation to stay indoors where it is warm and crochet. I am guilty as charged when it comes to being quiet LOL. Moomoo is a fabulous partner and I know I will love all her choices. I hope she is as happy with the selections I make for her.
  11. This looks like so much fun. If it's not too late and you still need an extra swapper, I'd love to participate. If partners are already set, I'll be looking for another scavaenger hunt next year.
  12. You are very welcome Kidge. I am thrilled that you liked everything! I had so much fun with this swap and I truly enjoyed being your partner .
  13. I finished Kidge's package on Friday! I could not resist adding one last little thing to the box on my way to the post office this afternoon though .
  14. I picked up the package Saturday afternoon at the post office. It was filled with soo many goodies, I had to take three sets of pictures and each and every item was a perfect fit for my goals! The 400 calorie cookbook is amazing and a perfect way to help manage my weightloss goals. The bath goodies are a reward I will look forward to after I finish my long training runs each week. I'm saving the muscle soak for after race day! She even included a book I do not have by my favorite author. Kidge, the Knook kit and patterns you sent are fabulous! I immediately started on my big craft project this year...a layout for my future niece/nephew who is due in August. And then there is the yarn! Oh the yarn! Caron Bamboo is my favorite. I know exactly what I'm doing with the steel blue yarn. The biggest surprise was the I Love This Yarn yarn. My local shops do not carry this brand, so I am definitely going to be shopping online. It is so much easier to work with than the Red Heart I use for kid projects! There were too many everyday pleasures in the package to name them all including lots of chocolate, cocoa, teas and a book of inspirational winter quotes. I'm a very spoiled swapper! Thank you Kidge for being such a thoughtful and amazing swap partner! This is one year my goals are not going to fizzle out before March.
  15. Hi Kidge. Im excited to start talking and exchanging tips and tricks. This swap is going to be so much fun!
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