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  1. I'm going to be busy this weekend but I'll try to post a picture next week. The blanket isn't big enough to fit a twin size bed yet, how big do you want it to be?
  2. I have the blanket! Ada sent it over to me by way of a mutual friend, but there's a problem. She didn't send the book. I called her and she said that she would get it to me, but still nothing. Saw her at church this past weekend but she left before I had a chance to talk to her. I'm going to work on the blanket and keep trying to get hold of her. Hopefully I can send the blanket out to the next person soon.
  3. I'm back.............Been off-line for about a month. Is the blanket MIA again? Haven't been able to get hold of Ada, is she OK?
  4. Oh goodie, goodie, goodie, I'm next! Hurry Ada, I can't wait, and you don't even have to mail it this time, I'll come pick it up.
  5. Ok, where's the most recent pic? Can't wait for it to come back this way, us PAer's are getting ancy. (hey, is that a new word?) Nope, seems I've heard it before.
  6. You think you got it bad? My DH talks in his sleep. And the worse is, he mumbles. I can't even understand what he's saying. It's very frustrating! My co-worker says I should ask him questions. He just might answer me. Could be I could gather dirt that way, to use on another day. He, he, he.
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