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    substitute teacher
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    Things I can give to people!
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    I learned when I was a kid, but then abandoned it until 2003
  1. I liked how short of a project it was -- only a couple of hours! The pattern for it is linked on my Flickr page here:
  2. Yesterday I made my first amigurumi, a turtle from a pattern I found here on Crochetville. I gave it to my boyfriend's niece for her birthday. I think it turned out pretty well and wanted to share! [url= ][/url]
  3. betherann


    I'm looking to crochet a little muffin. Anyone know of any patterns (I suppose a cupcake pattern could be substituted...)? Thank you!
  4. Welcome from a former NJ resident.
  5. I did, but it's more challenging than I thought it would be. She'll get it eventually, though!
  6. They are quite nice! Especially the Gourmet Crochet one...
  7. Welcome from Montana, which is sometimes thought to be in Canada...
  8. I always wondered about this -- are crocheted bikinis functional, or just for tanning? And are they comfy? Crocheted/knitted bathing suits make me a little nervous...
  9. Welcome! And I think your English is great!
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