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  1. just gorgeous, what beautiful work
  2. green is my favorite color, therefore I think your blanket is just perfect
  3. It looks great Love it!!!! what a nice gift to get
  4. I can't wait to make this tree!!!! It is gorgeous
  5. well since I started this thread I've finished two doilies and 2 scrubbies. I am working on a third doily. I get paid this week and need to get a Q hook and some more yarn as I don't have enough on hand to finish all the projects on my list. It's a thrill every time I scratch on more gift off of the list
  6. dobermama, that is awesome I never thought about the homemade jams and cookies. I do think I will try the towels with toppers.
  7. to those of you brave enought to do the craft fairs I wish you every success:cheer I think its great you are doing them. I am keeping the items for family and coworkers simple but tasteful and I figure by starting now I should have plenty of time for the items that catch my eye. I plan on giving my sister a center piece and coasters. I know she will love them.
  8. How many of you have already started making your christmas stuff and what are you giving? I am having a tough time deciding I have several pre teen nieces so I can't decide between scrunchies and cute spa baskets or scarfs. Anyone have any ideas:think I really want to be ahead of the game this year. I have a few co workers I want to gift with christmas centerpieces or other christmas kitchen gear. I always give my mom and my mother in-law ornaments one year I made mittens for each grandkid they had. This year will be stockings or hats haven't decided yet.
  9. :yesAWESOME!!!! I love the theme the colors are great. Can't wait to see when you get to the Dots candy or the Snowcaps
  10. Awesome bag!!!! thanks for supporting the troops
  11. Really love the purse. It's great to make totes like this in a bunch of different colors
  12. that is awesome! love the colors
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