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    married to a firefighter, one daughter who is 7, one labrador retriever dog who is 10.
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  1. No, Dragonfli, I don't think it would look odd to have the TV sitting in front of the cubbies. Would they be cubbies that fit into that corner that I see in the photo? I think they would be great there. Can you place your TV on a cart that has wheels? Or can you put wheels on the cart that it's already on? That way you could easily roll it out of the way when you needed to get into a cubby that is it behind it. I like the plants in my room. They're small but they break up the storage space. Putting CD's behind the TV would work. They'd be out of the way. Do you need/have an ironing board in your room? I read that you have a sewing maching. I ended up getting a wall-mounted ironing board for my room. It's out of the way until I need it. Then I just pull it down, and when I'm done it's folded back up and flat against the wall. I use one of my cubby spaces for my iron, spray starch, pressing ham, etc. I meant to tell you in my last post that I love dragonflies too! I have some drangonfly fabric that I'm saving for a quilt someday. Try and get some dragonfly-themed things in the room if you can. Not too much but just enough to make it even more special for you. Maybe a throw pillow or two with dragonflies that you can toss on your futon or some wall-hangings. You could even hang a set of dragonfly-themed chimes from your ceiling right near a window so that when the wind blows you'll get a soft, pretty sound from them.
  2. Thanks Dragonfli! My husband and father-in-law made the room and everything in it is either refurbished or Ikea so I was able to do it all at a very reasonable price. The most expensive things in the room are my sewing machine and sewing table. I think you can do the floor to ceiling shelves/cubbies along with the TV. Maybe you could figure out a way to have an open area in the center where the TV will go and then have the cubbies all around it. You could put some pretty ivy plants in a couple of the cubbies and maybe a knick-knack or two and then use the rest for storage in baskets and bins that fit inside the cubbies. I think it would look nice. You could get a wall-mounted quilt rack and hang a crocheted afghan on it...who says a quilt rack can't be used for an afghan! I love Mystic! I was just there a couple of months ago. I took my daughter to the seaport for the day. It's about an hour's drive from me. It's a beautiful town.
  3. I have a sewing room that is 1/2 of a room in our finished basement. The other half is a playroom for my daughter. The room is quite big and it's divided between playroom and sewing room by a floor to ceiling bookcase that covers about 2/3 the width of the room. The bookcase part is on my daughter's side and is used for toy storage, etc. The back of the bookcase is on my side. It's painted and has a large corkboard for fabric swatches, patterns, etc and also a huge peg board where I hang my quilting rulers, cutting tools, etc. One thing that I've made sure to have is a nice portable stereo and a space for cd's as well as a place to keep a cup of tea. It sounds unimportant but I found that I missed having music or the radio on and I needed a place where I could have these little extras without having them in the way. I especially wanted a place where I could keep something to drink and not have to worry about knocking it over on a project, (yes, I've done that! Tea spilled all over fabric for a quilt back! ). Another thing I've done is to have floor to ceiling storage on one wall, using a cubby-type bookcase from Ikea with baskets and bins in the cubbies. Then I made a pretty curtain to cover the front of this bookcase so that I didn't have to worry about clutter, etc. I also made sure to put some of the smaller quilts I've made up on the walls as well as some prints I like and my collection of thimbles. As far as my crochet stuff goes, I've only been crocheting since the first of the year so I don't have much...yet. I don't crochet in that room though. I crochet upstairs, but I've made enough space to store my yarn and crochet books/patterns in the sewing room. I have ceiling lights that mimic daylight too. That was very important because the room has very little natural light. When I'm working there I completely forget that it's a basement room because I've made it bright and cheerful with paint and quilts, etc. I hope I've given you some more ideas.
  4. Wow!! They are all beautiful! I love all of the colors that everyone has chosen. I haven't gotten any farther on mine-My Dad is still in the intensive care unit, and there's too much going on with him to even begin to work on it right now. But I've been checking out everyone else's every few days just to keep myself inspired. They are lovely!
  5. My goodness! They are all beautiful! I haven't had a chance to add any more rows to mine but wanted to pop in and see how everyone else's was coming out. What an inspiration!
  6. Hi everyone. Thank you for the kind words about my Dad. He's still in intensive care but he's stable. I just wanted to pop in and see all of the RR's. Wow! They're all beautiful! I love them all. I haven't gotten any more rounds done on mine. Possibly later this week I'll be able to sit and get a few done. It's so interesting to see what each person has done with color. You're all so creative.
  7. Jaded...thanks for the compliment on my RR. I agree about the varigated colors. They do tie it all in. I love to use varigated thread in my quilting for the same reason. Aussie, I think the colors you're using are great! It's a very bright and happy RR! Addey, I can't believe you got that much done on the plane and in the airport. It's beautiful. I also like the RR that's in all the different shades of pink. Is that yours, Jaded? I love them all. I'm losing track of which one belongs to who. My daughter would like all of those pinks. Every RR I've seen on here is just lovely. Now on to my not-so-good news...my father is back in the intensive care unit in critical condition. I was there with my Mom until about 4 o'clock this morning. So, it may be a while before I'm able to get anymore done on my RR. I thought about bringing it with me to the hospital to give me something to do while I sat with my Mom, but I don't think I can concentrate enough to not make mistakes. So, I hope this CAL will continue for a while so I can eventually work on mine some more and get more photos up. I am going to try to check here to see the photos when I can. They inspire me.
  8. Cay


    I've used the Aleene's Fabric Stiffener and had good success with it. I stiffened a doily, ( a store-bought one. I wasn't crocheting then), for a craft project I was making. It was easy and worked great.
  9. I don't know which I'm more proud of...getting that far on my round ripple or figuring out how to get the photo on here without my husband's help! I would love to take credit for the color blues I used, but my daughter picked all of the colors out herself. I'll have to tell her that you liked them. And I agree, it's tough figuring out how many rows for each color. I ended up doing a rough sketch on some of my daughter's doodle paper and using her crayons to get an idea.
  10. I hope this works....I decided to try to get a photo of my round ripple on here. Hope you like it.
  11. Honey and Jaded, I love your round ripples! The colors are very pretty. Haven't done much work on mine. I needed to finish another project for a gift. We have a major Nor'easter storm predicted for Sunday and Monday so those are going to be my "round ripple days".
  12. Cay

    labeling afghans

    Thanks! I'm going to check out Herschnners.
  13. Cay

    labeling afghans

    Is there a way to put a label on a crocheted afghan? I'm used to doing that with my quilts. It's nice to put the date it was made and a little message to the person it's being given to. Has anyone ever done anything like that on an afghan they've given as a gift, and if so, how did you go about it?
  14. My daughter loves Pooh! She has since she was a toddler. I would love to see the Pooh you crocheted. That's something that I won't even think of trying for a while. I'm still trying to get used to where to put my stitches in the turning chains.
  15. Ohhhhh....I get it now. I don't chain five at the end of round one...I join to the 3rd ch of the beginning chain 5 (which is what I did). I thought it was telling me to join to the 3rd ch. of the beginning ch and then chain an additional five. :blush Yup, I'm a beginner. It is a pretty pattern isn't it? I'm using two strands together for it. One is Lion Glitterspun in sapphire blue and the other is Aunt Lydia's "new wave crochet" in dark blue. It's got just a hint of sparkle in it. I would love to post a photo...I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. Ok, now I'm just getting silly. Time to take a break...more coffee! Thank you all so much!
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