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  1. Hi where in upstate? I'm in Washington co.
  2. I just signed up for it too. If the first book or two are good, I'll continue to get them if not I'll cancel.
  3. I picked up a copy at B&N in Saratoga Ny on /saturday, it was $9.99!! I thought a bit pricey... Haven't really looked at the instructions too much yet but designs are pretty.
  4. I use to watch the show on Create but they have taken it off! Maybe when the new season starts up they will air it again. Hope so...
  5. Hello from another upstater. where abouts are you? I'm 50 miles north of Albany.
  6. My crochet that fits just arrived. I want to make everything in the book!!! The designs are beautiful and the stitching design amazing. Never would have thought of doing that....I'm going yanr shopping this weekend for at least two of the projects. thanks for a great book...
  7. I'm working on a shrug out of your Positivily crochet book now. LOVE it. I certainly will buy this bookk too. Your designs are wonderful and very easy to follow...
  8. Thanks Kathy, It's still drying so when it's finished I'll post a picture. I'm pretty happy with my first project. Deb
  9. I just felted a tote and I want to put those large grommets in for the handles. It is true that felted fabric won't ravel? Any tips for putting the grommets in?? Also the felted fabric seems "fuzzy" but it's not completely dry yet. I washed it 4 times in the washer and I'm pleased with the way it came out. Even though it didn't shrink as much as I thought it would. thanks for any help you can give me. Deb
  10. Melissa, thanks you so much, just purchased it and printed it. can't wait to start it!!!!!!
  11. Don't know how i missed that lion brand pattern. I have looked at so many on line patterns!! I have to try that one and see how close I can get to the orginal. I'm going shopping this weekend and going to look for hardware and see what I can find. thanks guys.
  12. have anyone seen a pattern like this? Or anyone willing to give it a shot???
  13. I've got to go take a nap! I'm tired from just watching her!
  14. Karen's book is wonderful and gives a variety of cable to do. It is well work the investment. One of the best baby afghan books I have ever bought.
  15. I just did that too. It's great. Have you tried to print anything out yet?
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