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  1. Hope I get mine in the mail soon! Some of those things are so cute, now if only i can find time to make them.
  2. I have some basic socks on my needles. Still trying to perfect making the normal plain socks before i do any detailed patterns.
  3. I lived in Portland Maine for a year. I miss Maine tear.
  4. I received mine in the mail last week. I wish I had time after work to make some items, but I'm so busy with cleaning, cooking, stitch markers. Boo. I want to make the dress pattern into a shirt too!
  5. I'm glad you got it and liked everything. I was worried that it wouldn't get there. I was hoping you didn't have that pattern book. i believe we made the same doily for each other (the round one) but it might just be a similar pattern from the book.
  6. I love Crochet Today. All their wearables are things I would make. Crochet! just isn't my style it in my opinion tries to hard to be trendy and hip.
  7. Minwifeof4boys. I sent out your doilies this morning. Be on the look out for them.
  8. click image for larger view This is what I received from Minewifeof4boys. I got 2 beautiful doilies, aunt lydia's crochet thread size 10 in cream, a pineapple doilies pattern book, and a flower magnet. Thank you thank you thank you.
  9. 12 days is a long time for priority. Thank you. Sorry you made another one, darn post office.
  10. Minwifeof4boys I got your package!!! It wasn't lost after all! Thank you for the 2 beautiful doilies, the pattern book, the thread, and the cute flower magnet. I'll take pictures of my items and post them up. Thank you thank you thank you.
  11. I agree, but as long as i get it i'm happy.
  12. As always I looked at the crochet today site and they have their new magazine out!! There are so many cute things in it, including amigurumi ice cream cones, coasters, bowl, dress, and bathing suit. Go take a look. I'm so excited, can't wait for my issue to come in the mail. Crochet Today
  13. Ooo, i'm so excited. I love swaps and i love making little things and accesories. Can't wait to get this started.
  14. Oh no! Some one took my package! Darn post office, they are always causing trouble. Oh well no rush, maybe it'll turn up sooner or later. I've heard that some people there package has taken 2 months even when they have sent it to a town over or the same state. We'll see what happens tomorrow and the days after. I'll be sending your package out tomorrow or one of the earlier days next week, I have one more doily to finish.
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