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  1. Welcome! Crocheting is so much fun! We are glad you are here!
  2. Hi & Welcome! Hurray for tea cozies!
  3. LovelyLovely


    Ohhhh cute cute cute!
  4. :cheerCongrats to you! It's fun when you step out of your box and make something new!!
  5. Sue! I adore your frog! He is so very cute! And the color is great too!
  6. Yay - I can't wait to see your frog!
  7. Oh, I think I know the one you are working on! Post a Pic!! Amineko kitties were what started my Love of these ami's
  8. [attach]2309[/attach] Here is my latest ami. Are you all still crocheting amigurumis?
  9. :yayFantastic bags!! Now I want to make one!
  10. Your bunny is really nice!
  11. Lately I have been making lots of finger puppets. They are so much fun to make!
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