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  1. I'll tilt the cone on the side, and use it that way.
  2. Oh, Lordy, McCrory lol. I remember that's where Grandma got her 2.5 oz of kelly green RH to create the braided legs on the two stuffed frog toys she made for me.
  3. Funny how that one color is called 'gold.' To me, that color resembles something you find in a baby's diaper .
  4. I remember the yarn isle at Kmart Huge amounts of yarn, so many colors.
  5. You definitely want stretch with something like that, because, depending on how "fresh" the 'new' end of the limb is, sometimes there's some swelling.
  6. I taught myself from "Vanna's A to Z afghans" when i was 18
  7. Try crocheting something from a natural undyded yarn as well. Certain dyes set me off.
  8. I had two skeins one time. But if you leave them alone in a room, they seem to multiply.
  9. Kinda feels like Christmas when you find the stuff.
  10. 4 of the 10 gallon sterilite totes, and one large flat tote that is full as well. I used to have 4 of the 40 gallon totes, but i sorted through and gave a lot to a church. I was living in a one BR apt. at the time and simply didn't have the space for a ton of yarn.
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