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    Mama to one dog and one daughter, married to a wonderful man that i love so much
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    Shenandoah Valley, Waynesboro (near Charlottesvill
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    Crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, beading
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    Surgery Nurse
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    Q hook afghans, toboggans, baby blankets, scarves
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    august 1995
  1. Red Heart Super Saver used to have one, color called Pumpkin
  2. On top of the TV, in the episode where Roseanne was trying to stop smoking, the last scene where she and Jackie are eating carrot sticks, there's a thread doily on top of the TV.
  3. A friend of mine talked the other day about how she'll buy "general" colors, and crochet 4", 6", 8",10", and 12" squares ahead of time (and she's FAST), so that if someone's requesting a square, she can pick one out of the "file" to automatically send or give. Then she'll write the size on a notepad, so she know what she needs to "replenish." I'd never heard of this, but she has a file drawer, with the folder labeled with the color, and a square in each size in the folder. I liked the idea of it, but it would take time for me to build that up. I thought i was doing good to get all of my stash on Ravelry. She's way too organized lol. Has anyone else ever heard of or done this?
  4. Sometimes i take remaining yarn, a couple of strands together, and tie a bow 4 ways across it. Other times i'll chain the remaining yarn, and then tie the 4 way bow. The majority of my recipients will use the chained bow/rope to tie around the afghan when they fold it up again (i automatically inform recipients how to do that, as an option to keep it from 'sliding apart" so much when folded). It works well to hold it together, creates a 'pillow' at the same time.
  5. I have found off-white heavy-duty canvas laundry bags in craft depts, that were made to be decorated, but this is a great bag for my 'huge' projects. Only downside is that it IS white which shows dirt, but it could be dyed any color, and is machine washabe. This time of year, beach bags are coming out, some of hose are huge. And also, like someone else has suggested, the big zippered bags that bedding comes in.
  6. Not with cost, but my last online order it took a little over 2 months to receive an order that shipped out of a Jo-Ann's distro from a neighboring state. Nothing was on backorder, when i spoke to someone on the phone about that, their reaction to that (as they were munching on something crunchy while they talked on the phone) was flippiant-sounding "yeah that happens sometimes, sorry.":angry My previous order had similar problems (no potato-chip-muncher on the phone this time, though), so i thought the second time "Well let's give it one more shot, call right before placing the order, to see if that helps, they might have been having a really busy time)" which i thought would have worked, but nope. Won't be ordering from the site again. Kinda strange how people's experiences with a company can be so polar opposite.
  7. Combined with a ww 100% acrylic, i LOVE Be Mine for knitting baby blankets. Crocheting with it would probably make me pull my hair out.
  8. Yarn barf (Wonder if that could be a C'ville glossary term? lol)
  9. I'm getting to the point where the majority of Red Heart SS yarns feel like garden twine. It maybe $2.12 at the local Wal-Mart, but it's not worth even that. (However, if they WOULD give it away for free, i'd still swipe it up. I can always make seat covers for the car or rugs with it, or maybe even charity items, depending on the items, wouldn't want someone to be chaffed.) LB Homespun and Fun Fur were created to be torture devices. Either one are fine for knitting, crochet, noooo. Caron SS sqeaks on the hook, splits, and i'm just not that crazy about it. My favorites are Universal's Classic Worsted and Vanna's Choice.
  10. Yep, my thread might be the one you're talking about, although, someone else may have too lol. I absolutely LOVE the purple and green combo that i used for a baby blanket, but i'd bought 16 oz of yarn for LESS knots, not more.
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