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    Mama to one dog and one daughter, married to a wonderful man that i love so much
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    Shenandoah Valley, Waynesboro (near Charlottesvill
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    Crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, beading
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    Surgery Nurse
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    august 1995
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    Q hook afghans, toboggans, baby blankets, scarves
  1. The_Virginia_Hooker

    Queen Sized Pineapple Thread Cover

    Wow, beautiful!
  2. The_Virginia_Hooker

    highlighted text?

    Last time i had this, i had malware.
  3. The_Virginia_Hooker

    ISO: Red Heart Super Saver Country Rose #374

    According to my Ravelry stash, i have 6 skeins of RH Country Rose, not sure of the number on it yet. I will look this afternoon (it's buried under boxes) to confirm the number.
  4. The_Virginia_Hooker

    Crocheted Yoda for my Boyfriend

    My husband would LOVE this lol
  5. The_Virginia_Hooker


    On top of the TV, in the episode where Roseanne was trying to stop smoking, the last scene where she and Jackie are eating carrot sticks, there's a thread doily on top of the TV.
  6. The_Virginia_Hooker

    Do you keep a "file box" of squares?

    A friend of mine talked the other day about how she'll buy "general" colors, and crochet 4", 6", 8",10", and 12" squares ahead of time (and she's FAST), so that if someone's requesting a square, she can pick one out of the "file" to automatically send or give. Then she'll write the size on a notepad, so she know what she needs to "replenish." I'd never heard of this, but she has a file drawer, with the folder labeled with the color, and a square in each size in the folder. I liked the idea of it, but it would take time for me to build that up. I thought i was doing good to get all of my stash on Ravelry. She's way too organized lol. Has anyone else ever heard of or done this?
  7. The_Virginia_Hooker

    Wrapping up a huge afghan??

    Sometimes i take remaining yarn, a couple of strands together, and tie a bow 4 ways across it. Other times i'll chain the remaining yarn, and then tie the 4 way bow. The majority of my recipients will use the chained bow/rope to tie around the afghan when they fold it up again (i automatically inform recipients how to do that, as an option to keep it from 'sliding apart" so much when folded). It works well to hold it together, creates a 'pillow' at the same time.
  8. The_Virginia_Hooker

    Amy S.

    I had this happen as well, same problem, corrupt cookie.
  9. The_Virginia_Hooker

    My sister's work....It's amazing

    My sentiments exactly
  10. The_Virginia_Hooker

    Somebody stop her

    We could always re-route her to my house
  11. The_Virginia_Hooker

    When all else fails, ask the ville

    I do the flash drive thing. Have learned the hard way about losing links:(
  12. The_Virginia_Hooker

    fell in love with this pattern

    I had never heard of this until now. THANK YOU for posting the link
  13. The_Virginia_Hooker

    Oh my gosh!! You gotta see this...

    The picture of my hook didn't do it justice. The hook is so smooth, i've never seen anything made out of wood that is that smooth, without varnish or poly on it. Not too heavy, not too light, i crochet faster with this hook, and grip is perfect.