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  1. Mine never dried! so I retired it....blah.
  2. Shaylen, Ladysox, and Dangerous crochet, they are coming along beautiful. I am busy today, but maybe I will find a spare hour or so tonight to craft. Off topic, I live in New England where it has been raining for a week and today it is GLORIOUS. So I took a vacation day, grabbed my laptop and have spent the day doing my grad work outside. I came inside to peek at this thread on the desktop so the colors would be more true. And you guys didn't disappoint with some beautiful color combos. Great job everyone, and I hope you get to enjoy some sun too!!!
  3. Hi guys, lovely progress again! I got about 18 rows into my beautiful Round Ripple BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, its very bowl like...so much that my coworker said "that hat must be for someone with a huge head" I should use a bigger hook, but mine seems to be missing, I think one size up will be fine. I tried having three rows of large shells to one row of small shells, but I think the middle is too small. Sigh, so much for 4 episodes of 24! I guess I should FROG, although, maybe I will start another one and see if it makes a flat blanket first. Practice makes Perfe
  4. How do you save a post so you don't have to look through hundreds again? I want to try this. But I am just about to start so it will be a while Thanks for figuring this out!
  5. I had a dream...and I wrote about it in the dream post! So now I am going to make a round ripple for my living room. I am astounded by how beautiful your guys' afghans are. I have to say that I am stealing some ideas from people. I am going to use a dark brown, a light sage, and a cream. After seeing some of the designs I am going to start with the light cream and then do a couple light cream rows between larger sections of the green and brown. I am tempted to then make it into more pointed afghan...but that looks complicated. So I am joining in, although it will be slow going as I have
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