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  1. I knit so slowly I might as well be knitting backwards...and I am not very good so sometimes I am knitting backwards. Also slowly.
  2. ldyer1

    Purple waves

    Very pretty and what a great story!
  3. Wow, what a cute pile of gifts. Can I be your niece?
  4. Thank you guys so much for doing this. My daughter was in the NICU earlier this year and at my NICU they all had lovely quilts over the isolettes. It makes it easy to see your baby's iso from a distance and provides a little warmth and comfort in such a stark environment. It was a long time after her birth before I was able to see her (18 hours), and when I went up there it was so intimidating even though I am a health care worker. but the quilts and the crocheted and knitted hats were little patches of warmth. All the mothers would gab about them too. Everyone was so thrilled to bring the quilts home. One mother was sneaking hers out So just wanted to say thank you from a NICU Mum.
  5. Very sweet doll! And so are you!
  6. Anyone have any patterns for things such as cornflakes boxes, ketchup bottles, etc. Other things for play food?
  7. I might make some at some point. Here are some things I queued when we first talked about it Brenda. http://jeangreenhowe.com/patterns.html If you knit there are some cute free ones here. I am bummed that some of the things I had queued to make my dd are no longer available. Sky Magenta on etsy has a ton of great food too. These cake boxes are neat too: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/four-bees-designs/patterns
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