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    I'm 53 years old. Boy where does the time go? I've been married 19 years now. See second sentence. I'm the proud mom of two cats, Fidget and Boo. And a great husband, Jacque.

    I also work part time at A C Moore. Not good for my yarn habit.

    I also am an instructor with my husband for rope rescue and confined space rescue in our business. This all manages to keep me plenty busy.
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    Altoona, PA
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    crochet, reading, horseback riding
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    horse trainer, riding instructor, technical rescue instructor
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    afghans and clothing mostly
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  1. Shaylen, if you use a finger weight yarn and double strand it, you can use an ordingary small hook, H, I, J. You will get the same effect you just have to do more panels and longer. That shouldn't bother your wrist as much.
  2. Shelly, that's gorgeous. What a great job you did. Don't those last few rounds get tedious. :sweatIt feels like you're never going to get done. Good job on sticking with it.
  3. I use the SC to join squares myself as I think it is quicker than whipstitching. I like to lay out the entire afghan. Like this: A B C D E F G H I J k L M N O P Q R S T I start at one end, P and Q for instance and, with wrong sides together, corchet those two squares together. Then, I take K and L, put the wrong sides together and SC those two together. Then F and G, then A and B. I take the first strip and, starting at Q, join R with single crochet then continue with L to M, H to G, C to B. I do this for the next two rows. Then, I start with O and T and crochet acro
  4. Addey, there is nothing we can say that will make it better. :hug We all have to face this sooner or later. At least she is still sharp and "with it". Enjoy the time you have left with her and say all the things I couldn't say to my Dad before he passed 7 years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  5. Lynne, I haven't done that pattern yet, but it is on the list. I've done one with the Sew on Fire pattern and added squares with grannies with a little fudging occasionally it worked out great.
  6. The blue/linen ghan is done. I won't be able to post any pics until the end of August. I'll be away on business. It came out great.
  7. Uboo, I do think 2 strands of sport will be too bulky. Of course that depends on what you mean by sport. I guess the best thing to do is to do a swatch and see what you think.
  8. If you are using fingering yarn (rated 1) two strands works great. I've done baby RR's with the Van Gogh technique and it works super. If you want to use one strand of baby yarn I would start by trying with the size hook recommended on the yarn.
  9. I've got all but one of the strips done and have joined 6 of them. I'm quite happy with the way it is turning out. It has been so hot here I gave up on the joining after 6. It was just too hot to sit with an afghan in your lap. I'm still crocheting, but working on my MAM and little squares for my Kitty Quilt.
  10. Here is a look at the Blue/Linen ghan. This one is for my husband, he's been bugging me for something for his truck. I'm using an N hook and the panels are just over 6". I figure I will need about 13 of them.
  11. Gene, I'm going to give that a try on the next project I start that isn't blocks. I like the idea. Crocheting into the chain on the first row can be a bugger.
  12. Heather, your ghan is great. Your Fuzzy Kitty and my Fidget have the same idea. He flops across my arms too, when he thinks I'm not paying enough attention to him. The good thing is, he is named Fidget for a reason. He hops up, vists for 5 or 10 minutes and hops down again.
  13. Love the colors Malin. That will be just gorgeous.
  14. Gene, that is looking great. The colors go together so well. That'll be a great surprise for your wife.
  15. If your RR is laying fairly flat and you like the way it looks, there is no reason to go to a bigger hook. The tighter tension will make it a little stiffer sometimes, but, if it works for you, go with it.
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