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  1. http://www.craftbits.com/viewProject.do?projectID=1418 I made this one last summer as a gift for my grandmother's birthday. Its very delicate and she loved it. I lined it with satin and I added small beads to the flower petals. Good luck on your search!
  2. I would love to make one too, I have a little girl with a birthday in Oct. If you put your notes together it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Oh! She's great! You did a wonderful job!
  4. Its so beautiful, you just have to finish it so we can all see the finished product! I swear entrelac is on my "to do list"!
  5. Its amazing! Can't wait to buy the pattern!
  6. I received crochet covered hangers as a gift when I was teaching. I got green and red for Christmas and the school colors for my birthday. Its been about 10 years ago now, but I still use them and think of the family!
  7. Michele, that is amazing! You are a brave girl to get out the bleach, but it was so worth it. Your gramdmother was an amazing talent, I'm so glad you can treasure her work!
  8. Cool! My kids love marbles, and have some special ones from their grandma, I may be making some of these! Thanks for sharing!
  9. I made this: http://sheilagust.wordpress.com/2008/04/05/a-lacy-hair-hider/
  10. Its absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern too!
  11. Kathy, its just amazing. The design, the workmanship, you're so talented!
  12. Shebop

    Pinwheel Afghan

    Its absolutely beautiful! I love the color, and this is a lovely pattern. I'm sure your mom will treasure it!
  13. Its so unique, I really like it! Thanks for sharing!
  14. I totally understand your hesitation to spend the money. I feel $7 is too much for one pattern too, but by the same token, if its something really special you want, then you are holding off over a difference of $3 because you've said that $4 patterns don't bother you. Is $3 really worth agonizing over for a special heirloom pattern?
  15. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/dzirin/oval-table-cover-2 I happened across this project at ravelry. Its lovely, maybe not as big as you're hoping for, but maybe you could enlarge it?
  16. Wow! That is so creative! Very cute!
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