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  1. Hi, I'm checking in. Congrats to all who have lost weight!!! Way to go !:cheer I'm still maintaining for now. I've discovered that weight loss is mostly in the mind. You have to be 'into it'. It has to be your top priority. I don't know why it was last year, but not this year. But I haven't lost hope. Today is a new day. Good morning
  2. Thanks for letting us know, I sent them message.
  3. Hi all, quick update. I had bad stomach issues and back pain for three weeks. I'm feeling better now but needless to say I haven't been exercising. I hope to get back to exercising and losing weight soon.
  4. I've been good at exercising this week on my trike (indoors on the trainer). I did 3 miles on Tue. and 4.5 miles yesterday. My back is hurting me so I'll have to see if I can sit in the trike today.
  5. That's great Nicole!! Looking forward to seeing which yarn you choose.
  6. Hi! I really appreciate everyone's prayers and well wishes.:2hug Things have been looking up lately and a few days ago I started losing a bit again. I just hope this lasts. I almost didn't want to post in case I slid back into my hole tomorrow. I still need to get back to exercising, but it's sooo hot! The humidity is just awful, I stay sticky just sitting around in my air conditioned house.
  7. Hi how is everyone? I'm still struggling with getting back into losing weight. I can't seem to get motivated, or if I do it doesn't last longer than a day if that long. At least I'm maintaining, that's something. It's been a hard year. I'll check in from time to time. Have a great day!
  8. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm just not losing right now for some reason and I've been depressed. So I'm not even really trying. I'll lurk and keep in touch from time to time and maybe later I can pick the weight loss thing back up. Hope you all have a good week!
  9. Hi Kathy and Meegan, good to hear from you! I've been pretty down lately, haven't been this depressed in a while....trying hard to snap out of it. At least the taxes are finished, mostly, still need to do the state, we owe for both, so not fun. Our mattress is killing my back, so not getting good sleep either. It's hard not having any pets. I want another one, then I don't, then I do....back and forth. I've got projects I need to get to people and I don't feel like doing them.
  10. I'm up .2 lbs., but I've been sneaking bites of cheese. I'm lactose intolerant, and really shouldn't do that. Dairy is supposed to cause inflammation and for me probably doubly so. I'm sure it's just water retention.
  11. Congrats to everyone who has lost! :yay Cat3crazy, sorry your cat is sick. Are you giving him Enalapril? I tried that with my cat and only two doses later and he was almost shut down, as in not moving, not eating, barely drinking and he developed a horrendous diarrhea.
  12. I'm down 1.2 lbs. BELOW my lowest weight (the last time I saw a loss). The plateau is over, I'm back to losing! :cheer I got stuck at 61 lbs. lost/61 to go for several weeks. Now I'm over the hump, my 'to go' is lower than my 'lost'. (See my signature.)
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