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  1. Mods, this thread can now be closed, thanks.
  2. Okay I've started a new thread entitled '2010 Weight Loss CAL', join us in there for the coming year!
  3. Hello and welcome to Crochetville! Hopefully someone will start a new cal for 2010 that you can join. Unfortunately I will be closing this one on the 31st.
  4. Welcome to Crochetville! :welcome I really hope someone starts a new thread Jan. 1st. I will join, I'm just not up to hosting a CAL right now. It's been a really stressful year and I promised myself I would find ways to make life simpler this year. btw that happyyellowhouse site is great isn't it? If this CAL isn't continued, there is a happyyellowhouse cal you can join.
  5. Hey All, I'd like to pass this CAL on to someone else. I had thought about starting a new thread on Jan. 1st entitled "2010 Weight Loss Cal". But if somebody else would like to do that, please let me know. I'll be happy to join in with you. I'll finish this particular thread on Dec. 31st.
  6. Welcome Vickietoria! Glad to have you with us. I just got my bike back from the shop. It's almost dark here, so just hopped on it for one minute. I could barely ride it! It was funny, hope nobody was watching me. he he. I had to lower the seat just to be able to get on it. ... might need to lower a tiny bit more. It's going to take some getting used to that's for sure.
  7. Happy Cyber Monday! How was everyone's Thanksgiving/weekend? We had a good time visiting family. The trip home was a bit icy. That was the day we were going to try and do something for our anniversary, but we just made a bee line for home because of the weather. But we had lots of fun Sat. celebrating our anniversary. We hiked and played miniature golf and had a fine steak dinner (sshh!). The 1st thing we did Sat. though was drop my bike off at the shop for a tune-up. I should be able to pick it up in a day or two. Can't wait to get back on it....haven't ridden in quite a while....year
  8. I was doing great with my exercising....using the Dance Dance Revolution game everyday. But then my tummy was upset for several days and I had to stop dancing. I feel better now, but gained back everything I lost last week. And now Thanksgiving is upon us. I'll be doing laundry, cleaning and packing today. (Already been to work and back.) I'll try to get some dancing in if I can. We're going to my SIL's for a couple days. See you when I get back. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!! Oh, and our 10th anniversary is Friday!
  9. Yay! That's great news. :yay:yay
  10. Wow! Way to go...I couldn't do fourteen miles...the longest I've done is nearly 8. Keep it up!
  11. I've worked out every day for several days now. I feel pretty confident I can lose several lbs. by Christmas, just not as much as I wanted. But that's okay, I can't let set backs do me in...got to keep trying!
  12. You are not alone, my weight loss afghan is completely abandoned, don't even WANT to finish it. I gained back several lbs. and almost gave up. I'm just concentrating on exercising now and trying to eat more fresh produce. I really was looking forward to seeing the shocked look on my mom's face when she comes to visit this Christmas. (Haven't told her I lost anything.) Now I don't know if she'll even notice.
  13. I burned 400 cal. today! So I get to start my socks.
  14. See in my signature the link for caloriesperhour.com? You can use that to look up activities...hundreds it seems. You enter your weight, look up the activity and it tells you how many calories burned per hour.
  15. I'm back to exercising. Either raking leaves or playing my Dance Dance Revolution game. Maybe dh and I will go hiking this weekend. I won't post any weight loss until I'm back down to where I was...which might take me a couple weeks. I'll just talk about my exercising. I should start an exercise project. A pair of socks. For every 200 cal burned or 2 miles hiked, I'll work on my socks for 10 min. Today I've already burned 133 cal and I'm not finished yet. Break over...time to do some more dancing.
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