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    I finally finished writing my first book!
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    Writing, Reading, Crocheting, Knitting, Drawing
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    Hats, Afghans
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    I think since 2005
  1. That's cute! It would look great on the front of a sweater.
  2. In the Blackmore's Night music video of Way to Mandalay, Candace Night is wearing a tropical blue triangle shawl which I'm sure is crocheted. I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!!!
  3. I was wondering, when you ask for testers for a pattern, do you have it in the finalized format (with pictures, etc. as it would be when you sold it)?
  4. In observance of NCM, I'm getting back to writing patterns! I'm nearly done with the Sleeping Beauty scarf for 'Pas de Crochet'.
  5. I was watching the New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, and during the scene when they're scrubbing the floor (I think that's when) they skate past a couch with a granny square afghan draped over it.
  6. Sorry I haven't posted in so long! Here's the update on my project: I finished the tote to put it in, I'm done with the back, and I have about 20 stitches to go on the left side of the front. I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I need to take some photos, but my sister is the only one in our family with a digital camera, and she's at college. I need to get me one LOL.
  7. I was reading a blog, and it mentioned that March is National Crochet Month. Is that for real? and if so, is it official?
  8. I was just wondering, what do you do if you are at a class or something, and you want to crochet and someone is sitting right next to you on the side you need to have it on? That happened tonight, so I asked if it was alright with the guy next to me, and he was very nice, and even moved his water bottle a bit later. So what do you do in that situation? And how do you spell ettiquette?
  9. Well, I got green, but unfortunately it's one of those brands of yarn that doesn't have a lot of 'straight colors' if you know what I mean, and what I ended up with was a sort of tropical yellow-green. Oh well.
  10. Thank you very much, I really had no idea. We're going to JoAnn's today (mom said she'd buy me some yarn to make dishcloths), and I'll look for something green.
  11. Our church is sending a box of things to a man from our church who left for Iraq about a month ago. I'm going to knit a dishcloth with a marines emblem on it (I know I saw that pattern somewhere) and I was wondering what color to use. I was thinking navy blue, would that be okay?
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