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  1. I think I'm going to start over and try again. Sometimes that helps! I was thinking the same thing, that if it starts with a ch3, skip sc, then the "V" stitch then it should end with a "V" stitch, skip sc, and final ch3 (equal to a dc just like in the beginning). I did say two conflicting things, didn't I? That's how confused I am! Can anyone help me break down the math of this pattern? In case I want to extend it or shorten it? (because I need more things to think about!) Jennifer
  2. Hmmm... I see your point. Something tells me I went awry along the way. Which is par for the course! So I do the (dc, ch1, dc), skip 2 sc, then I should have 2 sc left, I skip the next sc and dc in the last one. Because it starts with a dc, skip one, then the (dc, ch1, dc) skip 2 sc all the way across. This would finish it with a (dc, ch1, ch) skip one sc then the final dc. I never start it right the first time! Thanks for pointing that out to me! Jennifer
  3. This is how I always begin, with problems! This pattern isn't difficult which means I must be over thinking it. THROW With A and larger hook, ch 169. Row 1 (Right Side): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, changing to B in last sc; turn. Row 2: With B, ch 3, skip first sc, * (dc, ch 1, dc) all in next sc, skip next 2 sc; repeat from * to last 2 sts; (dc, ch 1, dc) all in next sc, dc in last sc changing to C; turn. This a free pattern from Red Heart and I'm having issues at the end of Row 2. Easy peasy all the way across but I'm confused about the last 2 stitches. When I complete my last (dc, ch, dc) I have 2 sc and the turning chain left. This says to put another (dc, ch, dc) in the NEXT sc, then dc in the last stitch.... doesn't that bunch up the last two "V's" (for lack of a better description?). The whole row is (dc, ch1, dc) then skip two sc and repeat (dc, ch1, dc). But at the end they want two of the (dc, ch1, dc) right next to each other, then a final dc before turning. Am I missing something? I suppose I could take the whole thing out and just start over, maybe my foundation chain is wrong (wouldn't be the first time), but this just sounds a little off to me. Here is the link to the full pattern. Thanks! Jennifer http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/flowers-row
  4. There are some really great folks here willing to help me out, THANK YOU! I think I was counting the starting ch as a stitch and that was messing me up. I seem to have it now! The peaks and valleys are lining up and it starting to look like an afghan! This is my first ripple and I didn't think it would trip me up so bad. I'm used to having straight edges at the end of my afghans and this one angles because it's a ripple, that threw me for a moment. I'll take a pic later to show you my progress; and THANKS AGAIN to everyone that posted, took pics, worked it with yarn, and just stopped by say good luck. Jennifer
  5. Ok you've lost me, what am I missing? So far, row 3 doesn't line up with row 2 in terms of peaks and valleys if I do the 8 SC in the beginning, and at the end I have 1 stitch left (the ch 3) to do a sc2tog. So I'm supposed to work the sc2tog in the ch 3?
  6. So I'm not as crazy as I thought! It just doesn't make sense. I wonder what would happen if I e-mailed Red Heart about it? I'll work it up the way it makes sense and take notes. Jennifer
  7. Thanks for all the support, I'm muddling through this. I went back and recounted my row of pink (row 2) and it's perfect; follows the pattern exactly. I noticed that row 3 didn't line up right though, the valleys were 1 stitch over and so were the peaks. I dont understand how one row can be 7 dc and the next 8 sc and things work out even, so I redid row 3 and used the same 7 stitch SC in the beginning. Now things line up! I'm starting to the think the pattern is faulty. Maybe it doesnt matter and I should just make it work the way I think it should. Will someone take a look at that and tell me if I'm on to something?
  8. First of all, THANK YOU for helping me with this. I get most of what you said, but I'm at the end of row 3 and the only stitch left is the ch3 from row 2. I've gone back and counted all my stitches and they look fine. Maybe I'm messing up the dc2tog and sc2tog? I'll look that up and see if I'm doing it right. I really don't want to pull this out again! I feel like I did the foundation right and row 1 so it must be somewhere in row 2. Grumble grumble...
  9. OMG I think I got it to work! I counted my foundation chain very carefully and worked the back ridge for row 1 and when I got to the end I had the right number of stitches; so far so good. I switched yarns and completed row 2, again with the right number of stitches - I might be onto something! And then it happens. Confusion. Row 3. At the end of row 3 it says "sc in next 8 dc, sc2tog over last dc and ch-3; turn". Now, in row 2 it started with a dc2tog then dc in next 7 sc; that's 9 stitches, yes? Row 3 starts with a sc2tog then sc in next 8 dc, isn't that 10 stitches? I've included a pic of where I'm at. This is the right side and the pink is row 2. I have one stitch left, how do I do the sc2tog there? Did I start row 2 in the right spot? Jennifer
  10. I don't think I'm even getting the foundation chain right! I'm just finishing row 1 and I have 7 stitches left to sc into where the pattern says I should have 9. I can't figure out where I'm missing the 2 stitches at! I am being so careful to count first chain and not miss any stitches as I make row 1. I think I'm going to work into the back ridge like I usually do instead of the top loop and ridge, maybe that's throwing me off. Stupid question: the second chain from hook is not the one on the hook, not the one below the hook, but the next one, yes? And once I finish a row and ch 3 (which counts as the first dc) where does my first stitch go, in the stitch directly below my ch 3 or the next one? I swear I have to relearn this every fall when I break out my yarn. Jennifer
  11. I really like to crochet, I like to make something out of nothing. I'm self-taught and do a pretty good job, BUT I'm having the hardest time making this work! Or anything for that matter. I hate starting things and finishing things - which is quite a conundrum. I don't like starting blankets that involve long base chains and while I like doing mile-a-minute blankets, assembly at the end leads to much frustration. http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/playful-ripples-throw Anyway, here I am trying this Playful Ripples Throw by Red Heart and I think I've started this stupid thing 4 times now. It begins with ch 146 which shouldn't be that hard, but I always find that I'm missing stitches by the time I finish row 2. I count very carefully, I even place a marker every 25 stitches to make it easier. WHERE AM I GOING WRONG? I am just so frustrated. Have I forgotten everything? What tips do you have to make this thing go right? How do you start blankets without getting seriously lost? Is it just going to take time? Once you make your first chain, how do you work the next row, in the ridge or the top loop and the ridge? Is one better than the other? For this pattern it starts with ch 146 and it continues with an 18 stitch repeat that's done 7 times with a start of 9 and end of 9 sc. (18*7)+18=144 and it started in the 2 chain from hook which makes it 146. If I wanted to make this blanket wider I need to add one of the 18 stitch repeats. So if I did it 8 times it would be (18*8)+18+2=164, is that right? I am just very frustrated and I need some support. I know once I get this thing going it will be fine, but I'm at the point where I don't think I'll ever get it going! Jennifer
  12. I did it! I had to undo it a couple times before I realized that I was missing the first sc in the round when I started round 2 - DUH! Once I figured that out it was pretty much smooth sailing. I have a hard time controlling the tension of my stitches, I think I tend to pull too taught. Maybe it will get better as I go. Would using a larger hook help me? Mine is a little sloppy but I think it will improve. If I wanted to make them larger could I just keep going (9 and 3, 11 and 3, and so on)? THANKS!
  13. Wow, thanks Marsha! You're quick-on-the-draw with help! I had it ok and then it got things shifted two stitches instead of one and I think the part you're telling me to ignore is why things went a little off. I'm going to try it again take a pic. Jennifer
  14. jlaboss

    Clergy Stole?

    Anyone seen a pattern for making a Clergy stole? I'd like to make one for my Minister and in my head it sounds easy enough, the hard part will be making it lay flat across his back. I can do just about whatever I want otherwise! What are some ways to form the back part so it lays flat? Any ideas? Jennifer
  15. Thanks Marsha! For a second I thought I had it, then I got a little confused and it looks like everything is shifted over a stitch. Maybe I should start over and begin with red to make sure I'm getting the first round right. After that, the confusing part is ending a round a starting a new one. I'm getting good at switching colors! Is it normal to have to unwind your skeins after a little bit? Jennifer
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