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  1. Beautiful! I looooove the way SWS felts. Too bad they quit making it.
  2. Knitpicks.com I think it starts at like 3.99 for 440 yards.
  3. adirtyspoon

    chit chat

    I feel like opening up a singles bar for all my single knitted socks. Maybe they'll meet others singles there . . .
  4. That's cheap! Go to a yarn shop and look at those prices! lol
  5. I would avoid anything heavier than sport weight, you want drape. So maybe a lace weight or even fingering in a nice fiber like alpaca? Actually Knits Picks Gloss lace would be perfect, it's not too thin, and it's got a nice sheen to it. Oh yeah and it's like 4 bucks for 440 yards!
  6. Usually you can as long as they're not superwash. Just make a small square with both and test it to make sure they felt at the same rate.
  7. Don't do it, 9 times out of ten if it's in a book you can't sell it, it's ilegal.
  8. 1. Knit Picks Gloss laceweight 2. Noro Kureyon Sock 3. Mirasol yarns Tupa 4. Knit picks Gloss fingering weight 5. Patons classic wool & Cascade 220 (it's a tie, I'm a big felter)
  9. Ok that's just too adorable for words!
  10. We have a group of about 15 that meets every week, sometimes at a bookstore, sometimes at a bakery (yarn and cookies, a lethal combo haha) sometimes at someones house. We mainly knit but a few of us do "hook" once in a while. Boy that sounds bad. HAHAHA! I love my little group, we range in age from about 20ish to about 50ish, it's a nice variety.
  11. Maybe you could find some Patons Brilliant online somewhere? Or Lion Brand's Glitterspun. That would be perfect for the glove.
  12. In layman's terms, it's prettier, nicer and softer. You would want to make a garment with that and not with old icky dishclothy peaches & creme/sugar & cream.
  13. The few times I do use DPN's non knitters will say "Wow, your getting really good at that knitting thing, you've gone from using 2 needles to . . 1 , 2 , 3, 4 . . uh 5 now! WOW!" LOL! I love comments like that!
  14. Well it depends on what fibers you like, what you want to spend, etc. I always say, buy what you like the look and feel of and what you can afford. If you have to take out a loan to make your project it's not worth it! LOL!
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