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  1. I do think that, with some guidance, I could probably figure out the stitches. If the skirt came out slightly smaller or slightly bigger, that would be okay since we have multiple little girls to make them for. I forgot to update my profile. I recently moved to Maryland. I used to go to the Guild in NY (many years ago). I'll have to search and see if there's a chapter here in MD.
  2. I need to replicate a crocheted skirt that I have. The skirt has sentimental value and is 29 years old, made by my great-aunt (she's no longer with us, so I can't ask her how she made it, and it's my understanding that she made it from the top of her head, no pattern). I would consider myself an intermediate crocheter, but i work strictly off patterns. If I don't have a row by row word pattern, I have no clue. I'm trying to reverse engineer it, but I think I need the help of a crocheting expert! I put a bunch of pictures here: http://www.alittlewebsite.com/hosting/crochetskirt.html , if anyone is able to decipher by just looking. Alternatively, I'm trying to figure out if there are people that do that sort of thing that I could bring it to (like a seamstress but for crochet) to help me come up with a pattern.
  3. I have like 8-9 unfinished projects in my closet and I'm feeling bad and stressed about them. I do have a good excuse in that I started a couple of projects and then had severe pregnancy related tendonitis, so I could barely use my hands to feed myself, much less crochet. A year later when I was fully healed, I couldn't remember where I was with the old projects (nor what hook I'd been using) and was kind of "over" a few of them. So I got excited about a few other projects and ignored the old ones. Then got pregnant again and the same thing happened with the tendonitis. I've finally been well for the past 4-5 months and am working on a few things for my babies at their current size. But I'm feeling bad about the unfinished projects in my closet. Do I force myself to at least try to finish them (though not sure what hooks or whatever I had used -- lesson learned, keep notes) or do I toss them and start over (and eliminate the stress that their unfinished presence causes me)? There's even a child's patchwork jacket from a class I took that is unfinished, but soooooo cute - but I have no clue what to do next it's been so long *sigh*. Am I the only one who has this many unfinished projects?
  4. My husband bought me the cutest book of crochet patterns for Babies. However, turns out the patterns only go up to 12 months old ... and my son is a big boy alreayd wearing 18 months (probably will wear 24 months by the time I got anything finished). I'm a fairly decent crocheter, but I'm not good at adjusting sizes. However, I hate to have the book go to waste and there are some very cute patterns on it. Any guidance on how I can figure out adjusting crochet patterns for a bigger size?
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