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  1. I do think that, with some guidance, I could probably figure out the stitches. If the skirt came out slightly smaller or slightly bigger, that would be okay since we have multiple little girls to make them for. I forgot to update my profile. I recently moved to Maryland. I used to go to the Guild in NY (many years ago). I'll have to search and see if there's a chapter here in MD.
  2. I need to replicate a crocheted skirt that I have. The skirt has sentimental value and is 29 years old, made by my great-aunt (she's no longer with us, so I can't ask her how she made it, and it's my understanding that she made it from the top of her head, no pattern). I would consider myself an intermediate crocheter, but i work strictly off patterns. If I don't have a row by row word pattern, I have no clue. I'm trying to reverse engineer it, but I think I need the help of a crocheting expert! I put a bunch of pictures here: http://www.alittlewebsite.com/hosting/crochetskirt.html , if anyone
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