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  1. i really want to make this. have you already sent a copy to someone else?
  2. i dont know where the heck to find dk weight cotton either!!!! probably at an lys, but those shops are pretty expensive to me. esp when you need at least 4-9 skeins.
  3. yes i agree. reverse sc looks awesome. maybe use that silver yarn for it.
  4. I think it would be kind of cool if you just made regular dark blue squares with a silver border, stitched them together and maybe ironed on some AF patches. That would be pretty easy for a beginner. Just an idea.
  5. I'm actually wondering what is the equivalent weight. Would crochet thread size 3 be equivalent to a fingering yarn weight, for example.
  6. What is the weight of crochet thread, size 3? It has no gauge measurements on the wrapper. Is it a fine weight? Like sock yarn weight?
  7. i would like to hear what their response was to your letter. i love that magazine. its so glam. i'm sure that they weren't trying to offend anyone.
  8. some people are more sentimental than others. my mom still has this stupid ratty pillow on her bed that i made her in 11th grade home ec. my dad will keep any junk i give him. my sister in law is an amazing artist and she painted her father a portrait of him and he turned it down because he just didnt like the way it looked. maybe ask your parent in laws if they just dont like what you give them. maybe they just dont have a use for it.
  9. done. its got a little stretch to it. i wore it yesterday but it made me feel frumpy, so i'm gonna wash it and try it on again.
  10. ooh, like that blue one. very lacy looking. what kind of yarn?
  11. i've made something from Drops Designs. I made the different colored halter. I used Caron SS, which is a worsted weight and it came out fine for me. The gauge was perfect. However, I would probably use a sportweight. It's hard to really tell from the picture but that yarn looks like a cotton dk...? Maybe try looking up the exact yarn on the website to see all the ballistics on the yarn that way you will have a better idea of how to substitute it.
  12. i'm trying to make the crochet dress that Felicity Shagwell wore in Austin Powers II. I highly doubt that it will be exact.
  13. love love love your bag! ohhh, great job girlfriend. it looks awesome. did you line it? oh wow, so happy for you.
  14. ahh, that is such a cute dress. is the mag a knit/crochet or just one or two crochet patterns and mostly knit? and is it still out in stores?
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