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    Ihave 4 grown up children and 2 granddaughters
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    I live in Northern Ireland.
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    My greatest love is crochet but also reading and walking.
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    Housing advisor
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    Baby and wedding afghans.
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    Learned to crochet in 1965 when I was 8 and couldnt master knitting.

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  1. Beautiful afghan. Not sure at all what type of animal is depicted in the green square but it is very cute!
  2. Beautiful - looks really warm and cosy
  3. Autumn5062, there is a Lady of Guadalupe pattern for sale here. http://www.superlativestitchery.com/spiritualcrochetpattern.html
  4. I'm 52 and my mum taught me to crochet when I was 8. My mum was a great knitter and she crocheted more like she knitted - held the hook the wrong way round and put the wool over - just like knitting! It was a school friend who showed me how to hold both correctly. When I showed my mum she was amazed at the speed of the process BUT no matter how many times I showed her she just could not adjust to it!
  5. Beautiful - love the seasonal colours
  6. Beautiful angel! Love the little tutorial - makes it look so easy that I might even give it a try. Thank you so much for all your hard work
  7. Beautiful - love all the colours and the pattern is gorgeous!
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