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    Crocheting, knitting, reading.
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    since childhood
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    afghans, doilies, purses, baby things
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  1. vhanna26

    Winter Interweave Crochet

    The Winter, 2008 IC is one of the best I've seen in awhile. Made the Mitered Squares scarf for my LYS, and just finished the Alpine Lace Scarf. Need to weave in the ends and block her.
  2. vhanna26

    FALL PURSE/TOTE Swap - Angels found! Thank you!

    I got my tote from Kim yesterday. It's nice and sturdy, and the buttons are so pretty. Check out these lovely fall goodies that came with the tote How sweet! Thanks so very much. Your purse still needs lining. I've been a bit unfocused lately, but I will sew the lining in and get the purse out to you by Monday.
  3. vhanna26

    FALL PURSE/TOTE Swap - Angels found! Thank you!

    I've finished the crocheting on the bag. I'm slowly sewing in the lining (my first time doing this), and then, all I need to do is put it together, and add the handles. I want to mail it out this weekend. So far, I've gotten lots of compliements:manyheart on it, and I want to keep it:devil , so that's a good sign:) .
  4. vhanna26

    FALL PURSE/TOTE Swap - Angels found! Thank you!

    I got my partner:yay . Hello Kim (crochetprincess66). I'll look though my book and pattern stash for some ideas. Great job Juli:clap.
  5. vhanna26

    Hello from Charleston, SC

    It's pretty casual, we meet from about 7 pm in the cafe to about 8:30 or 9.00.
  6. vhanna26

    Hello from Charleston, SC

    We have a group that meets at the West Ashley Barnes and Noble on Monday nights in the cafe. Mostly knitters, but I crochet too. Stop by if you can.
  7. vhanna26

    Hello from Charleston, SC

    Welcome!!! I'm a self-taught crocheter and knitter who lives in Charleston too.
  8. vhanna26

    FALL PURSE/TOTE Swap - Angels found! Thank you!

    Count me in. I love bags, and haven't done a swap in a while. I just sent in my survey.
  9. vhanna26

    Here is my latest PK. (doily)

    Wonderful job, and I love the two colors.
  10. vhanna26

    Hello Kitty scarf and bag

    Awesome job. Your daughter should be thrilled.
  11. vhanna26

    Any PK lovers here? (doily)

    Your doliy is stunning! I love PK doilies and I made a few last year, and I'm starting to feel the itch to make another.
  12. vhanna26

    Pineapple baby blanket

    Very pretty. I love pineapple crochet.
  13. Lovley work. I love pineapples and thread crochet, but I've never made a tablecloth--perhaps I should try this one.
  14. vhanna26

    Tahki Stacy Charles collection

    I got it from my LYS on Saturday. It really has some cute stuff:hook . I'm almost done with the top on the cover. I used Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece. It a nice pattern, and it worked up fast. I just need to add the edging and tie.
  15. vhanna26

    Thread Baby Shoes

    Beautiful shoes and granddaughter!