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    Amy Jo
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    Crochet, Photography, Art, movies
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    soon to be photographer..!
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    easy, quick projects, but i love giving throws or afgans as gifts and seeing the appreciation of all the work, oh and i like to make clothes without a pattern.
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    I think since 2002
  1. !!!!!! Thank you fairy godmother from Florida!!!! I am soooo excited to finally get my hands on some silk yarn. Now on to find the *perfect* pattern for it!! Thank you for your kindness... It has made my day : )
  2. I worked at a library during highschool. Kinda a good and bad experience. My favorite getaway during the summer is really just going out with friends. dosent matter where. Im hesitant to point out a local spot, cuz that has potential to give things away if my partner is sleuthy. (< LOL sleuthy!!!)
  3. OH! awesome! what kind of yarn is that?
  4. I searched for that title and didnt come up with anything, so i hope this isnt a repeat... as the movie has been out long enough for crochet eyes to catch the stuff. Prudence wears a shirt that looks to have crochet sleeves/lower half of bodice One of the girls that is on the bus/goes to see Mr. Kite is wearing a dress that looks like the rainbow portion (bodice/top) is croched. Watch the movie!!! If you loved Moulin Rouge, you will love this too.
  5. All clickable. Just some stuff that i finished up recently and was able to get a picture of today. No patterns, just winging it.
  6. thanks everyone. sounds like a go for anyone! now on to read all the lists : )
  7. When a thread is closed, is that only for adding more lists... Im wondering how far back I can paruse to find someone to send to, or should i stick to my 'group' or more recent ones? Is this information outlined somewhere that i have missed it? thanks.
  8. hrm. im not sure what i do. I knit like a crocheter.. I hold the yarn in my left hand as i would when crocheting. I use the right needle to 'grab' the yarn and 'hook' it thru. its more of a wrist action than wrap. I believe i get the proper look of a finished item.
  9. If i could find literature online and read it on the screen, without having to hold a book... that would work... but that would get really hard on the eyes.... going back and forth and all.
  10. oh man thats cute. Reminds me of the Charlie Brown shirt.
  11. i make things (mostly scarves... thats the most acceptable i think) for my friends... sometimes on commission (by $ or yarn) and family. Once everyone has a scarf, then its moving on to something a little bigger, if its appropriate... i make things to sell at a local DIY arts consignment sort of place and.... I spend time making some things for me as well. so far its only been 2 scarves. winter (that i add a strand from the scarves made out of homespun yarn that i have given to friends... and will hopefully end up as a blanket someday.... ) and a light fall/spring scarf. Next on my list for myself is a scarf made out of yarn i got while i was in NYC for a week. And then maybe an afghan for myself. but that can be on the back burner for awhile. It is far more gratifing to give than to keep things for myself.
  12. Oh that is awesome... and to have little things (safe things) for babies to touch and play with is a pretty cool thing too. Job well done!
  13. Very nice colors! I like the pattern too! way to get a head start on christmas projects!
  14. OMG that huge star is AWESOME. talk about patience... and .. warmth too. nice stuff.
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