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  1. Does anyone have the book: "Annie's Favorite Baby Projects" (1998), who might be able to help me with the instructions on one of the patterns? I desperately want to make this item but can't understand a particular set of instructions.
  2. Funnily enough I thought of this idea myself but wondered if it would show up on the X-ray - and then I would really be in trouble!
  3. Thank you all for your replies, some good suggestions - I like the self-addressed envelope idea (hate to lose a hook), thank-you paperflowers. Addey - I'm only a bit paranoid because I have had small scissors, a nail file, and believe it or not, a plastic rat-tail comb taken away going through security. angie- I have printed out the list but there is no mention of crochet hooks, just knitting needles, thank-you anyway. I have tried calling the airlines, but they say its up to security, so I guess I'll just have to take my chances and maybe I'll just have to make something using a larger plastic hook just for travelling on the plane (sigh, I do love my thread crochet!)
  4. Now with all the rules about what you can and cannot take onto planes, has anyone had any experience with taking a steel crochet hook through airport security, I have an upcoming 8 hour flight and I don't think I can go 8 hours without my thread crochet. I have looked up the security rules and the only thing it says is that knitting needles are allowed (no mention of size).
  5. Hi sueann182, my tablecloth is white. I am not too concerned about the cleaning, more about the blocking. I crocheted some lace curtains for my daughter's large living room window. They were too large to block so I just ironed and spray starched them and they came out crooked - a difference of about 2 inches in one corner, my daughter didn't mind, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my crochet and if the tablecloth doesn't come out properly it will show. I have also made an oval tablecloth and that one came out all right, but I find with round and oval tablecloths I don't have the same problem. In the end, I just might have to try your method and hope my friend is so pleased with the tablecloth that she won't notice if it isn't perfectly straight. lol
  6. Thanks for your replies, I will check the local cleaners and the local craft store. I will (attempt to) post a picture of the tablecloth once it is blocked and pressed, thanks for your interest.
  7. Is anyone aware of any cleaners (in Canada) that will clean, block and lightly startch large crocheted items? I am in the midst of making a large rectangular tablecloth as a Christmas present and I am not able to block such a large piece (at least 6' X 8'). Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. Thank you for the info and the sites, it was very helpful, I had a plastic hair pick, and a nail file confiscated one time, so at least if it is up to the individual airport I can print up the list and show it to them. I have to crochet, I wouldn't know what to do with my hands otherwise, so I really appreciate you going to the time and trouble to find these sites for me, thank you again.
  9. I heard from a knitter that she was not allowed to take her knitting needles onto the plane when travelling, so now I am worried about being able to take my crochet hook onto the plane. I do mostly thread crochet so my hooks are very thin. I am planning on going to the UK which is an 8 hour flight and I don't think that I have gone that long without crocheting before, and I can't imagine sitting on a plane for 8 hours without being able to crochet. Has anyone had any problem taking their crochet hooks onto the plane?
  10. Beulah

    Eeyore pattern

    Thanks everyone for your replies and advice, I was hoping to find a site that is Canadian, I will try Michaels here in Canada again, I haven't been able to find it to date, but maybe they can order it from the States for me.
  11. I am looking for a crochet pattern for the Eeyore stuffed toy to make for my granddaughter who LOVES Eeyore. Can anyone help me, (I don't want to buy on e-Bay). Thanks.
  12. Tracy D you are a doll! Thank-you, your answer makes perfect sense (and here I was ready to give up on the beads and stick to crochet.) Many thanks!!!
  13. I am teaching myself to bead crochet. The book I am using is "Learn to Bead Crochet" by Nancy Nehring. I am attempting to make the child's poncho. The starting instructions are: 'String 36" of beads onto yarn...... When beads run out, break yarn and add 36" more of beads, tie ends of yarn tog and continue. ' Does this mean that I will have 2 strings of beads, each 36" long, and I have to tie them together? This doesn't make any sense to me, why would you break the yarn, do the 2nd string and then tie them together, the first set of beads won't slide over the knot to be worked into the poncho. Am I missing something here? I'd appreciate any help with this, thanks.
  14. Thank-you Fran, I'm ever so greatful.
  15. I am trying to find out what size thread J.&P.Coats Luster Sheen is equal to, I have a pattern for a shawl that calls for the Luster Sheen, and I was wondering if I could substitute size 10 thread (seeing as I have about 20 large balls in different colours that I went out and bought when it was on sale - I'm sure someone out there could relate to that!!). I would be terribly greatful for any help so that I can justify my purchase (and make room for more purchases!!).
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