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  1. oh, ya know I forgot all about blocking ... awesome.
  2. Okay, so I made my third square awhile ago. It says to make them approximately 7"... this one is close to 7, but not as close as the other ones. I kind of want to do it over, but I'm afraid the next size up will make it too big. I hate, hate, loathe gauge! Anyways, I let my mom borrow the book 'cause she claimed she wanted to learn to crochet again, & I was discouraged enough to not want to look at the thing. But I haven't given up! I''l start at it again & hopefully have a new blanket for this winter.
  3. Yay! I actually finished the bag part last night at work. I hadn't worked on it at all for a almost a week. I was going to line it, but decided i didn't really like the fabric I bought with the bag, so I'm skipping it for this one & going to start the handle part tonight.
  4. I voted 11 -25, I'm definately closer to the 25 than the 11. I'd say one month I'll spend maybe 50-ish, then next month not much at all.
  5. I'm not liking the hhdc either, & keep wanting to YO like I would with a dc. I'm thinking if I do another it will be hdc. I bet with a fuzzier yarn no one would notice... not that anyone but a crocheter would anyways.. I am not ripping mine out, but it seems like one half is bigger than the other.. well more than seems there is an extra stitch on one side of my markers. That probably won't be too big of deal, right?
  6. 3 years? It's that some sorta record? I started my first square! (yay).. ripped it twice though because it was too big, but now its fine. I had a horrible time deciding on colors, but finally picked a dark blue & a lighter green & red.
  7. okay, I bought the yarn for this.. used it for something else. Bought more yarn for this.. started the thing twice but got confused with the directions, ripped it, & I have the yarn now sitting on my shelf. If my husband will let me I'm gonna go my more yarn in a color I like better (because Fred Meyers got some new stuff in). So, even though I don't like coming in when a thrad is near 20 pages, I'm in. I really like all the ones I've seen here so far.
  8. Yeah, I really should finish some other stuff first,... but it's too late I went & got the 63 square pattern book at Joannes, 40% off even. I couldn't decide on the yarn, so I'm going to just think about it some more tonight & buy it on my way to work tomorrow. I'm thinking I want just one or two colors. Maybe a light and dark of the same color. I hate making decisions.
  9. I could use either hand okay when I started school, but my teacher said to just use the right. Now almost everything I do is with the right, including crocheting.
  10. I was searching for amigurumi patterns. I think I came here, favorited it & then didn't come back to join until later on. I really like Craftster too.. found it at about the same time for the same reason.
  11. I really like it in one color. I've never done a blanket or a cal, but this thread is 223 pages... so, is it too late to start? Also the join form doesn't seem to work. hmm hmm hmm
  12. Never heard of them But thanks for the links! I've seen a lot of those patterns before & I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one that thinks they are dreadful. I'll probably be totally hooked by tomorrow. .. & then completely bored of them in a few weeks.
  13. One of the reasons I like plastic hooks is because they come in bright colors, they remind me of jell-o colors. I really don't like the pastel-ish metal ones. I don't care so much if they match, but I do have some brown yarn on pink needles and I really can't wait til I'm done.. looks gross together. yeah, I would really like if they were all the same color too. but it's nice to know that when I'm looking for my L hook that I'm looking for the green one or whatever.
  14. advanced beginner I can do alright, but I usually make dumb mistakes when I stop paying attention. Most patterns make sense. I think I'm really slow.
  15. whoa Thanks for the welcome Mythunderbird- I live in East Wenatchee, WA. I used to live in Olympia, kinda miss it... My highschool mascot was a thunderbird. groovy Crochet hen- I bought the yarn for the fat bottom bag.. it's still in the bag on my shelf.. maybe I shall do the CAL.
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