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  1. It seems I only really pick up my hook around the holidays (New Years Resolution: crochet more). As the thread title indicates, I only seem to make Epic Projects, such as the Tetris afghan and the Pac-Man Scarf (back). This year brings yet another enormous, time-consuming project that I finished very early morning on December 24 (a Christmas miracle!). This time, I was a good girl and tried to document the entire process. Be prepared, there's a ton of photos here. BEGIN EDIT: I forgot, no IMG tags! There's a lot of clicking here, if you want you can certainly just skip to the end. It started with squares Lots of squares No joke A face appears! I'll stop making dumb captions now OMG it's done! Then I finally started using Instagram (SheriB626, if anyone is interested) The way I was joining squares did not lend itself to hiding ends, so I wound up having to sew in ALL OF THE ENDS. I don't recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their sanity. Finally finished! And now, the Official Photos! I am SO EXCITED. This is a Secret Santa swap gift, and while I've been sharing my progress with the group that's doing it, my giftee has no idea that it's going to him. *So everyone is pretty much going "OMG I hope Sheri is sending it to ME!" *I can't wait to ship it, my only regret is that it obviously won't be there by Christmas. Thanks for looking everyone!
  2. SheriB626

    Baby Dragon

    Someone posted their very simple pattern for the wings here. Someone else posted a pattern for larger wings in the thread, but I liked these better.
  3. SheriB626

    Baby Dragon

    Made using oldbaglady (or MarjorieCrochets on Craftster)'s Baby Snow Dragon pattern. I've been waiting to make this, and I'm so glad I finally did! I love him (or her -- I haven't even named it yet!). I predict I'll be making a bunch of these in the future. (I must be on an amigurumi kick -- I have three threads in here, oh my!)
  4. Oh gosh I am so excited about this. Definitely a step up from the turtles (which I still love!) Made using a pattern from this crafty lady.
  5. I know, I know, no one's replied, but I'm just so proud that I got three of these done for my friends, that I just had to show you all! From L to R: Mine, the prototype; Cody's, in Steelers colors; Jason's, in Phi Mu Alpha (music fraternity) colors; Scott's, in regular old turtle colors. Yay!
  6. Thanks, everyone! Wow, I've had a LOT of people asking me to make them little turtles! I've got to finish making the ones for my friends first, though! Here's the second one I made, in Steelers colors for my friend who's a big fan.
  7. I have a group of friends with a running joke about a turtle, so when I came across KristieMN's adorable turtle pattern, I just had to make some! This is my very first attempt at any amigurumi, and he is just cute as a button (not quite as adorable as Kristie's, though), and I can't wait to make a bunch for my friends! I didn't have any fiberfill, and couldn't get to JoAnn's tonight, so he's stuffed with leftover yarn.
  8. Now we both have Tetris afghans! Welcome to the elite group of members who have finished that 'ghan.
  9. Okay, so since I HATE working into the chain and find it very difficult, I decided to try this for my next scarf. It works VERY well! The only hiccup I had was when I went to chain and turn -- because the yarn is on the bottom and the loop is on the top, it pulls kind of strangely, but not enough to make me not do it. You could also just tie it off and start a new piece of yarn to turn around. Anyway, this stitch is a lifesaver.
  10. I'm not a big fan of multiple threads for similar projects, so here I am sharing a new scarf and hat with you all! I apologize for the horrible quality, again; my webcam is terrible! This is a shell hat using the Belliveau Cove pattern. I had some trouble with this hat; I originally made it with the Gulf Shores pattern and it was WAY too small! I had to frog it all and start again, trying the Belliveau Cove pattern -- and it's still a little snug. Luckily, it's a gift for a friend who's smaller than I am, so hopefully her head is, too! I made this scarf for my friend Jason, who is in Phi Mu Alpha, a music fraternity. Their colors are red, black and gold (I substituted a goldenrod-ish yellow for gold). I know, it looks like a German flag.
  11. The new colors of Caron pounders have a little logo on the packaging -- at least, the "New White" skeins do! I needed to buy another pound of Caron white when I was there last night, and two of the pounds were the regular color, and three of the pounds had a starburst image that said 'NEW WHITE'. I would assume the other colors are the same way, so it should be easy to see which ones will be closer to your 6-month-old yarns.
  12. I can't wait to reach Regular Villager status, because the idea of swapping with people just makes my day!
  13. I've had one person PM me for instructions on how to make the dreamcatchers I mentioned. Would anyone else be interested in how to make these? I could make a thread with instructions and photos, if people are interested.
  14. I just got back from JoAnn's, where I got the materials to make dreamcatchers. They're nice and pretty once finished. If you want instructions, just send me a PM.
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