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  1. Am I the only one who thought "Tribbles!"? LOL--super cute!
  2. Beautiful! I especially like the Seashell "Ancient" bookmark.
  3. Love the gloves! And ain't it the truth about a lack of costumes for women with curves?
  4. Wow, that's really cute--and impressive! :-)
  5. I only got twenty done, but I'm still pretty pleased considering how busy October was.
  6. Aside from weaving in the ends, I'm right on track. The pictures look great!
  7. I've done my seven so far, all different patterns in either light or medium teal. I was aiming for 6 inches, but as I'm new to grannies I ended up with everything from 5 1/4 to nearly 7. I'd love to see pictures if anyone feels like posting them.
  8. If we're talking strictly crochet, I would guess that I have five or six (not including granny squares for the October Square a Day CAL--I don't weave in the ends until I've done four or five squares). I have another three projects on knifty knitter looms.
  9. I'm in, but I don't know that I'll manage to make one every day. All the ones I do make will be going to a charity.
  10. I use a knife grip, and everyone else I know uses a pencil grip. I never used to have trouble unless I used a very small hook. I started working as a massage therapist earlier this year, and now I can't do more than a row or two without some pain or discomfort. Fortunately, that fits my attention span fairly well.
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