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  1. thats very pretty! I can't believe that's your first piece of jewelry!
  2. LolitaChase


    I whipped these two out. They are very quick. My friend Alex thought to use it as a bracelet too. C&C welcome Thanks
  3. I crocheted a hamburger to hold some misc craft items. I'm also going to hold my stitch markers here too. I got the idea from someone on Craftster.org. Anyhow.. Bon Appetite! C&C welcome thanks
  4. Thank you everyone for all the compliments! I'm not sure what the stitch is, I remember seeing it and replicating it. I never actually looked at the pattern. I think it is the diagonal box stitch or something like that, but I have no idea where I saw it. I drew an mspaint chart. hopefully this will help those who want to use it. The double crochets go into the three chain space, not individually in each chain. Think of how granny squares are. I hope that makes sense. If you prefer, all the slip stitches can be replaced with single crochet. I know slip stitch kind throws off my flow and slows me down, but that's how i made my afghan. happy crocheting!
  5. I made a scrap afghan for my grandma and I'm so happy I finished it in time since I've leaving on a trip in 3 days.
  6. this is so pretty! It's beautiful and spring and those are the perfect colors for spring!
  7. I forgot to mention that both of my friends want the gender to be a surprise, so these could be for either gender. My brother and SIL requested baby blue since that's their color scheme for either gender. I think I may forgo booties for a hat for my brother and SIL, and a bonnet for my friends. Monique mentioned want to make a traditional bonnet, but she just learned how to crochet so it may not happen in time for the first child.
  8. Some friends of mine recently got pregnant, as did my brother and sister-in-law. So of course I've been madly crocheting the past two or so weeks and here is what I made them For my friends Patrick and Monique For my brother and sister in law I'm thinking of making matching booties for both of them, but I've only held a baby once in my life and i'm trying to remember how big his feet were. I looked in a baby aisle in a store to try to figure out how big they are and I'm convinced that baby's feet being that small is impossible in my family. We have big babies. I was born big enough for 9 mo clothing.... any advice would be nice. c&c welcome thanks
  9. I have to admit, I think most dogs look very silly in pink, it very rarely goes with their coat, but your adorable pug looks great in it! so precious!
  10. okay I just nearly choked to death from laughter. THESE ARE AWESOME!
  11. lol, I've been doing magic for years without realizing it!
  12. those are absolutely stunning!
  13. my friend kept telling me in theatre when we saw it that(the grandparents) thats me when I get old.
  14. where did you find the pattern for the first one? it's amazing!
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