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  1. Well .. I finished the BBlanket.. with you ladies help it looks square ( not perfectly.. but square)... I guess that comes with practice..~ however the other thing I noticed and my SIL noticed in her crocheting is that one end of the project tends to be wider than the other end.. why is that?? are we not crocheting in all stitches... I just wondered b/c I have noticed alot of that in my crocheting But thanks so much ... now I will give the BB to the reciepent next week thanks Ainee
  2. Thanks so much ladies for your help~! i will try the 5 hdc in each corner tomorrow and see if it starts to square up~! I will keep you posted. thanks a bunch Ainee
  3. Thank to both of you for replying~ Aggie May.. what do you mean "work from the center of the square instead of rows to keep a perfect square.."? Am I going to be working like a granny square.. where I will slip a stitch and just keep going around? I am a little confused... I am trying to avoid the granny square b/c I don't quite understand it yet to well. thanks
  4. I have been making BBlankets for coworkers and I kinda made my own patttern.. I will ch 30 or more and hdc across.. I keep going until I have a nice size square.(8x8in) Then I like to go around all 4 corners of the square and I will hdc around all 4 edges and just keep going around and around ( kinda like a granny square but I am not slipping any stitches and it just keeps getting bigger. I am still just crocheting a square.. The problem is as I keep going around my corners are getting rounder and rounder and I WANT to KEEP my corners SQUARE~! I have tried hdc 2or 3 times in the corner stitch.. and that didn't keep it square either.. What am I doing wrong and how can I FIX IT? thanks Ainee
  5. Wow Nichole~ You have already almost finished the cami of your T top.. WOW~! I haven't even decided on a pattern yet~ But I llike cupcake and I like the other patterns too~!
  6. btw: Shadow I ~ LOVE~ your pattern too:clap can we do more than one T top on a CAL or do we have to all be doing the same project?? b/c I know some of those beautiful patterns will not fit my boobalicous self~!
  7. YES~ I have SNB and I like that one.. I also like Lilly Sugar n cream. crochet summer top.. it goes to an XL but no sleeeves and 421/2 in bust BUT it's classified as a beginner pattern BTW: I like SNB pattern too: I lent my book to my SIL tonight ( so she can look at how to crochet) I taught her the ch, and sc tonight. .. BUT I think this pattern goes up to a 2X... I will recheck this tomorrow when I retrieve my book,, I also like CUPCAKE in SNB that has cap (short) sleeves it's a cutie too.. I :manyheart the idea of CAL but PLEASE let me make it know RIGHT NOW I am NOT an experience crocheter ( less than 2 months) and I will definitely be needing/and asking for you more experienced knitters help~!! If that is ok with you guy.. I would love to participate but I just want to be fair to everyone since I started this thread.. that I AM MOST DEFINITELY A NEWBIE CROCHETER~
  8. Guys these are all beautiful, sexy patterns BUT~ I wear an XL and I don't think ANY of them will fit me~ I have been looking at crochetpatterncentral.com and I am definitely a newbie crocheter so I need a simple/easy pattern. Do any of you more experienced crocheters have an idea.... and one that I can WEAR~! BTW: I love all you guys patterns so far they are awesome ~!
  9. I am a newbie here and I just wondered is there anyone here doing a T-Top CAL? Just wondered since it's getting warmer all the time~:manyheart
  10. Wanda Kay~ Where do you live N,S, E, W US? I live in the south just wondering what kinda travel time it's gonna take in the mail?? I ordered my subscription onine last week.. I hope I get mine soon .I am a very NEw beginnger and I want to try out some EASY tank tops~~ I am so excited.. I want to get started ASAP~!
  11. OKay ~ Carovan I have NEVER used crochet thread ONLY yarn~ can I substitue this for yarn instead of crochet thread.. I dont have the foggiest but it looks great on you~!
  12. I gotta check that out~ thank a bunch~!
  13. I am a VErY newbie crocheter but I would to be able to make a simple Tank top. I can ch, sc, dc, hdc.. I have been looking at my SNB and i think i can sc decrease... Does anyone know any pattersns? I went to crochet pattern central.com and I saw OODLES but I don' t know what would really be appropriate for my skill level. Does anyone have a good idea for a pattern? I would appreciate a BUNCH Thanks Ainee:clap
  14. I have noticed ( I am practicing my stitches sc, dc, hdc) that my swatch is trapezoid in shape ( it was a square) I don't know what I am doing wrong unless I am increasing or decreasing somehow. Is that possilby what I could be doing wrong?
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