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    i want to be a child protection officer
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    NSW Australia
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    piercings/ tattoos/ animals/ faeries/ writing, poems
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    works with children & writer
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    funky pin up girl clothing
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    ummmm i think since i was 15
  1. if you want to make more you could always donate them to a women's refuge or give them to friends as presents... they are simply stunning!
  2. pixi

    Pinky the Winter Bunny

    adorable! i wanna make one of those for me teeeheee
  3. thanks everyone! i'm going to browse through the websites
  4. hey i'm just wondering if anyone knows of any good websites where you can buy yarn? where i live doesn't have a very good section (in fact it sucks!) just hoping some of you wonderful people hear know of some websites cheers xxxx pixxi
  5. gorgeous but the price i nearly had a heart attack!
  6. pixi

    its all a little warm

    Thanks so much haven't heard of tencel, will have to check it out
  7. i'd wear that and i'm 21 pink and black is so punk! i want a blanket made out of those colors you rock, what an awesome aunty!
  8. Superb! i love the colours too!
  9. hi everyone just wondering if you could give me some suggestions... i'm going to be an aunt and have managed to pick up a superb crochet book on babies clothes from the library soooo funky and modern. But the thing is because i live in australia the weather is just tooo hot now for wool so i was wondering can any of you give me some ideas of what sort of yarn to use? i know there's cotten, but i would like to have a range of ideas and the shops were i am don't even stock good quality yarn, so i want some ideas so i can search far and wide thanks so much in advance:manyheart
  10. pixi

    Grumpy Bear

    those bears rock
  11. this is really quite lovely... way to go!
  12. pixi

    grinding teeth

    thanks micountess!
  13. pixi

    grinding teeth

    hi guys i would dearly love to do this: http://www.angelfire.com/va3/heartfeltangels/littlestarafghan.html but i seriously don't understand the pattern it confuses me.... does anyone know if this pattern has been typed up else where or if there is another version? i've tried crochetpatterncentral but maybe i'm just blind:blush thanks everyone!
  14. pixi

    just a wonderin

    thanks guys! the reason why i wanted a pattern is because i've been *so braindead* with organising uni etc i can hardly think ahahahahahahah i'll let you know what i come up with cheers
  15. thanks so much for posting the links
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