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    love to crochet mildly intrested in quilting and sewing
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    gift afghans doilies, hats bag, ornaments i love all things abour hook and thread and design
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  1. Thank you! She’s adorable!
  2. I’m so glad to check in here and find all this activity! I love Crochetville!
  3. Love Mammy! GWTW is my favorite!
  4. Hey i know I'm late to this party, but I'm still around!
  5. These are so beautiful! You are very lucky to have gotten them I'm very envious lol. I don't have an idea on their age, but I would guess you are right! Very well taken care of.
  6. I love it! Thanks for showing it off. She's beautiful!
  7. love your tables, just so cute!
  8. This is very beautiful. you did a great job. And I love your helpers
  9. I have a question about washing? Hand washed? or gentle cycle on washing machine and also what kind of soap? I have, in the past, washed mine just with the rest of the whites. But I know this is wrong. lol please enlighten me
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