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  1. Count me in for this. I don't expect to get off to a good start; I'm planning on doing some temperature afghans and I don't have all the colors I need, especially since I decided that I don't like the default scale and came up with my own. I do however, hope to actually finish at least one, and use up some skeins in the process.
  2. I fell off the board last year, but just got an email notice of a PM from someone looking for something she thought I might have. Now that I'm here, it occurs to me that perhaps rejoining this CAL might help my motivation to actually finish some projects. So, should I start with zero right now or log what I've actually bought/used since the beginning of the year?
  3. I've used the most basic stitch pattern to start a potholder/hotpad, but I never finished the project and I'm not sure where it went. BTW, your link gets munged by the forum software shortening it; it's fine in the post editor. I suggest anchoring the link to text by highlighting the text you want to attach the link to and then clicking the Insert Link button like so or using Tinyurl.com to shorten the link before entering it.
  4. Okay, got a couple of skeins that I bought maybe a month ago that I forgot to list, so WTD-4/YTD -10.
  5. Forgot to post the last couple of weeks, so this is a cumulative three week update. I got two skeins of Luster Sheen right after New Years and another skein yesterday for a grand total of three skeins for a late gift for my mom. I hope to make rapid progress on the project today. Anyway, that's -6 WTD/-6 YTD. Maybe I'll get through those skeins (or at least two of them) soon.
  6. I made these fingerless mitts in a CAL run by CrochetKim on Yahoo Groups. The first set ended up a bit small for the intended recipient (they're snug on my tiny hands), so I made another pair in the same yarn using a bigger hook. The recipient loved them.
  7. I have at least two Square of the Month Afghans from previous years that I never finished, a Sweetheart Ripple that I'm probably going to size for a Twin sized bed, and an afghan that I'm still deciding on a pattern for that I promised to make for my housemate to do. I have yarn for all of them, so that should help me with my stashbusting too.
  8. I kinda dropped out of last years CAL after I lost track of what I'd bought and used. I try again this year. Dang, I'm probably going to start out in the negatives because I'm looking for thread/yarn to make a couple of sets of antimacassars for my mom and it doesn't look like I'm finding it before midnight tonight.
  9. Well, if it's not too late, I missed the first couple of weeks posting and bought three skeins of yarn. I haven't used any up yet, so -6 WTD/-6 YTD.
  10. I suppose I should post my final score, even though I made no progress over the last couple of weeks. WTD 0/YTD -70 On to next year.
  11. *Sigh* Well, at least they're in time for Kwanzaa. Here's the last two squares of the CAL. Thankful Stitches Wings of Hope I do not plan on leading a SoTM CAL next year. I figure that if I can't keep up with a CAL I'm leading, I shouldn't be leading it. I may continue to post to this thread as I actually get squares done.
  12. Count me in. Gotta use up some of that yarn I got for assorted SOTM CALs.
  13. Current priority is a snowflake that was supposed to be mailed two days ago for an exchange. The recipient knows it's going to be late. Anyway, I'm working off a roll of #10 thread that started with over 2000 yards on it. I'm not finishing any skeins this week. 0 WTD/-70 YTD
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