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  1. These are so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern, and I'll be on the lookout for the larger size as well -- I have neighbors with a baby and a three-year-old and it'll be fun to make matching/coordinating dresses for them!
  2. I was going to make a similar suggestion to kmadel's -- something more flat-ish than drawstring-ish, along the lines of a fanny pack. A rectangular bag with a zipper or a flap that can be buttoned and an attached belt...oh, I just remembered a pattern I used once.... http://www.fuzzygalore.biz/patterns/passport.shtml I made this with Homespun yarn and changed the size a bit, and instead of making a strap that goes all the way around I made two separate pieces, coming from either side at the top, and put bottonholes at the end of one and a button at the end of the other (hope that makes sense). Maybe even better for your purpose -- 'cause they're a little bigger -- here are some envelope and clutch purse patterns you could easily adjust for size and, again, make an attached belt rather than a strap: http://www.kreinik.com/kshop/product.php?productid=121&cat=33&page=1 http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/cjtq-potholderEnvelopeBag.html http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/60030.html If you want more depth than an envelope bag: Giguring out the basic size you want to end up with. Make a piece to be the front that is the height and width you want. Make a back piece the same width but "taller" so it can flap over (don't forget buttonholes if you want 'em). Then make a band as wide as you want the bag to be deep and as long as the bottom and two sides of the shape of your finished bag. Stitch the front piece along one long edge of the band. Attach the back piece. Now you can add your belt or other means of keeping it around the waist. Use manly colors and tight stitches -- maybe even felt it, which would create a really sturdy piece. Good luck!
  3. Nevadamama, thanks for sharing this pattern. I just joined a pincushion swap and I may just have to make this one for my partner -- very fun! Tacking (as used here) is a sewing term. Basically, it means "quick, temporary stitching intended to be removed" or "sew together loosely, with large stitches" like when basting fabric together prior to permanently stitching (as opposed to the basting that's done to your Thanksgiving turkey). However, in this case I think NMama means to attach the "icing" to the "donut" with a simple, easy stitch along the edge to the material below.
  4. Well, this is absolutely perfect for the baby gift I've been putting off making and now has to be ready for a baby party next week. Couldn't decide what to make (blanket? hat? toy?) and even with an additional four or five months to come up with something due to the shower being delayed -- and the baby himself already here -- I still hadn't made up my mind...right up to seeing this thread mere moments ago. But now the pressure's really on, so a fun and attractive blanket I can whip up quickly? Whoo-hoo! Count me in!
  5. Walking on winter nights my ears get cold even here in southern California and I've been wanting something to cover them that doesn't have to go over my head. These are great idea---thanks!
  6. Oh I'm so sad! This exchange was posted a few hours after my last visit to Crochetville -- have been crazy busy with work and today is the first I've been able to get back. Would have LOVED to be part of this. Sigh. Well, I'll just have to make sure to be a permanent resident next December.... Have fun everybody!
  7. Great job, beautiful color scheme!
  8. Just had to add that I, too, have been thinking about making one of these (even the one store-bought style I do like gets too hot in the southern California summer), and thus also my thanks for doing the hard work of figuring out how to do it! Thanks also to kaz and cabbie for the additional ideas and inspiration....
  9. Beautiful---what a great design color-wise! Are the "stripes" going to be horizontal or vertical?
  10. Here are the squares I sent; click for full size viewing. I made three or four each of several different patterns (and a couple are the interior portions of 12 inch squares). Thanks goodness for the size leeway we were granted as some are a little larger than six inches, I'm afraid---even from the same pattern sometimes, and despite re-doing even! Thanks beyond measure to Melissa for organizing this, and whose real job begins today: distribution. Really enjoyed this project and am eagerly looking forward to seeing what comes back---
  11. Very elegant stitch markers from Nanci arrived over the weekend: Also, here's what came from CatsCradle a week or so ago: (Gotta start remembering to change the size of the pictures before I take them: resizing them down they lose clarity....)
  12. Without presuming to speak specifically for anyone else, I think it's safe to say that we all pretty much made them the way you'd make beaded earrings, but designed them for this project. You're welcome! I so enjoyed making these that I just kept right on a-goin' and ended up with enough for the several people who showed up one night at my yarn group (it's called Knitzilla but since I only crochet I call it a yarn group...). It was a good thing I brought every one of the markers I'd made because there were more people that night than any in the seven or eight months I've been attending and I just enough so that everyone got two. They oooed and ahhhed and were encouraging me to sell them!
  13. Got markers (oo, so many!) from catscradle the other day---have always liked those beads you call butterfly (which they probably are) and which I've always thought of as retro style space-type symbols! Thanks, Melissa. Mine are going out in the mail today and hopefully will reach their destinations soon....
  14. It better not---none of my 12 are the same!
  15. Thanks! (Was going to insert the smiley with a crochet hook here...but it looks an awful lot like something out of a dental ad....)
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