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  1. I've updated the first post with the 1 button strap version of the loafers.
  2. Personally, I'll say it looks a little complicated because I have not had much crocheting experience. Perhaps you'll like to contact the designer and ask about resizing tips or if she has plans to release the pattern with more sizes in future?
  3. Nope, they're plastic. I'd have loved to use wooden ones but the only buttons I had on hand that'd fit were plastic ones. Yes! Her designs are adorable. I'm already eyeing some of her other ones.
  4. Thanks! Sylver has really cute designs for crocheted booties. Yep, the soles are crocheted from yarn and are actually doubled so little feet will feel cushy and comfortable.
  5. Update: This is the 1 button strap version that's found in the same pattern. There're more pictures here. I made these cuties for a friend who's having a baby. My last few projects have been knit ones so it's great to kickstart 2009 with a crocheted FO. Pattern is available from Sylver Designs. Yarn used is Rowan All Seasons Cotton. Details and more pictures in my blog post.
  6. I'm currently working on the Butterscotch Cardigan from Interweave Crochet Spring 2008. It's my first proper crocheted garment and it'll require seaming. I haven't been able to find much information about seaming crochet garment pieces (tons for knitting) out there. Anyone has any tips? Do you crochet or sew the seams? Different stitches used for shoulder, sleeve and side seams? Thanks in advance!
  7. I mostly hang out on Ravelry but also post occasionally at Knitting Help Forum.
  8. lis

    Rusted Root

    Since I've graduated to sweaters, I thought I'll post this in the Experienced group. This is my first completed sweater cum entry for Ravelympics. Project details and more photos.
  9. Wow. It looks exquisite!
  10. I love this! Gorgeous colour! I've this on my queue too but haven't decided on a yarn.
  11. lis

    Burgundy Breeze

    I love to turn the heel when knitting socks. It's like magic seeing the heel form!
  12. I've thought of sliding the barrel counter onto my hook but most of my hooks have handle grips which are too thick for the counter. I'm mostly looking for ways or counters that can be attached to the project or myself so that I won't drop it on the bus/train. There're many good ideas here. Please keep them coming. Thanks!
  13. lis

    Burgundy Breeze

    Thanks! It's actually not a very difficult pattern but you do have to pay attention since it's lace. I actually started this as my first pair of socks way back but stopped when I decided I'll prefer to knit a pair of normal length socks from my 2 balls of yarn instead of 2 pairs of anklets.
  14. How do you keep track of your rows/rounds when crocheting? For knitting, I use a barrel row counter which I can attach to my needles. Is there a similar gadget-thingy for crochet? I know I can use paper and pen but it's kind of inconvenient when I'm crocheting on my commute to and from work.
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