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  1. thankyou so much to everyone
  2. ok pattern row says k2 p1 (kyf k3 s1 k2tog psso k3 yrn p1 i know alot pattern's but ive not come across kyf before thanks in advance
  3. i normaly do 4 rows knit or seed or moss stitch then first 4 stitches then start the pattern 4stitches at the end hope this helps
  4. hi everyone does anyone know how to do kyf or know where i can get pic please thankyou in advance
  5. hi all sorry ive not been around still making what i said also making bedspread out of squares also but just havent had much time as up down hospital will be away again from 12th oct as thats my date im having my operation but will pop back as soon as i can how is everyone else doing
  6. tahlara will show you a pic soon only done one strip so far but been working on crochet quilt also which is now finished:)
  7. mines being done in strips:)
  8. hi all are join use all my pastel odd balls i have into ripple strips to make a afagan will start it tonight not sure how long it will take but count me in please
  9. that is beautiful heather like the colours im still doing my the around the world one but got asked to do memory star from a book i have which i know have just few squares left of then its the sewing together also making just normal one for friend aswell happy crocheting everyone
  10. those ones are beautiful julie maybe will do one soon happy crocheting everyone
  11. thankyou everybody for the get wellmessages
  12. well i did only ecause ive been so very sick im still not better but ive been carrying on regardless had alot of needles tests have hospital on the 7th june so will take some crochet with me try have the other one finished to show you all
  13. hi all just letting you all know i have 5 more rounds of my round the world left its finished:)
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