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  1. That is a HUGE compliment for me, and I really appreciate your taking the time to share it with me. I hope I can keep providing you videos that teach lots.
  2. Thanks so much! The yarn was specially dyed for me. It's a light turquoise color, which is actually semi-solid/shaded. The person who dyed it is a genius with color, so I feel very fortunate.
  3. Thanks! The young lady is my kid sister-in-law and is used in some of my pattern photos bc she's just to photogenic.
  4. Hey everyone! I recently published a new Tunisian pattern on my website (which is currently having server issues right now, but will be back up shortly). It's called "Jules", which is to pay a huge respect to the indie yarn dyer who sent me the yarn (she listens to my podcast and thought I'd like it--she was right!). Here it is... which can also be worn like...
  5. I'd recommend something like one of the Crochet (Stitch) Bibles and The Crochet Answer book. I learned from watching videos online, which are a great resource. (I have videos on my website, which you can take a look at, but there are also websites like NexStitch that are a great resource as well.)
  6. Maybe! I was disappointed with how small the Michaels is, as well as the yarn selection, so hopefully one day we'll get an actual yarn shop a little closer to town. I know of at least one or two other crocheters in the area, though we've never met, so it's nice to find another.
  7. New Giveaway starting September 1st! Click on the link up above when September 1st rolls around and check it out. Better yet, go to the website and subscribe to the blog so you know right away when the giveaway begins. P.S. -- This giveaway will have THREE winners. YAY!
  8. Hi Dennis! I'm in Palm Coast, which is just south of St Augustine. There is a small yarn shop in St Augustine, off of US1 and just south of the Super Wal-Mart near 312, I think it is? I haven't actually been to it yet, but I've heard of it and pass by it when I drive into St Augustine. There is another shop in Ormond Beach, though I'm not certain how close you are to that. I believe they're on Hwy40.
  9. Elle, the slider is just an example. You click and drag left and right. The title of the shop should be linked, and will take you to the shop. http://www.theloopyewe.com Hope that helps.
  10. Just updating to let you know a new sponsored giveaways is up. This time it's The Loopy Ewe! Giveaway ends August 26th. See original post to find the link!
  11. You're welcome! I hope people enjoy the site. There will be more giveaways in the future, as well as reader-driven giveaways. Bookmark and check back so you can enter future giveaways.
  12. brianna

    First yarn dye

    thanks everyone! it is sort of like a summer creamsicle.
  13. brianna

    First yarn dye

    I've dyed some merino/bamboo roving once, but this was my first attempt at yarn. What do you think? What would you call it?
  14. Hi there! Thought I'd share about the Crochet and Knit Giveaways that I've set up. Right now we're starting week two of a giveaway from Scout, of Scout's Swag. It's easy to enter, and you don't even need a blog! Come check it out, enter, or just bookmark the site.
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