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  1. Thank you ladies for the compliments. One reason I got frustrated with the pattern was the first yarn I chose was discontinued, so after looking at 4 craft stores, I picked a yarn that I thought might go with the discontinued yarn. But I only bought 1 skein - when I went back to buy more of the 2nd yarn - I couldn't find it either, it was discontinued. Rats!! Also, it seemed every time I picked it up to work on it, I would mess up on my stitches and would have to go back and frog a portion of it. I do love the texture that happens with the pattern - and yes that is the link where I found the pattern. Thank you for posting it. Give it a try - one of these days (or years) I might try to tackle it again but not anytime soon. Pam
  2. Thank you for the lovely compliments, it makes me happy that you enjoyed looking at the afghan. The yarn I used is ILTY at Hobby Lobby in Mid-Green. The pattern is the "N Hook Ripple" pattern in sc and the rows of bobbles are dc with 2 bobbles per side of the ripple. Pam
  3. I had intended to make this larger but I didn't care for the pattern and kept making mistakes. I do love the texture tho. (clickable pics) Pam
  4. I finished this afghan a few weeks ago. I was inspired by someone who had posted their bobble afghan a few months ago. Altho I had the same pattern as her, I have problems following a ripple pattern except for the "N Hook Ripple" pattern. So I used that pattern and just put in some rows of bobbles. Since it uses 2 strands of yarn it is snuggly warm. (clickable pics) Pam
  5. That is a beautiful afghan - it makes me want to try to make one. Great job:manyheart Pam
  6. I like the combo of squares and granny. Good job:cheer Pam
  7. Very pretty - I love the purples. You did a good job. Pam
  8. Thank you ladies for the nice compliments. I especially enjoy them as that is the 1st round ripple and the 1st sweater I have made. I need to make another sweater in blue to match a blue ripple I have done. I'm not sure if the new arrival will be a boy or girl but plan to be prepared for whichever it may be. Carol-the yarn I used was ILTY in hot rose, pink & white. I'm in love with the hot rose. I used those colors to make a ripple afghan for my dd for a X-mas present and did matching slippers in the hot rose. Carolyn-I know what you mean about the snow. Until 6 yrs ago, I lived in the Chicago/Milwaukee area all my life and that's why we moved away - to get away from the cold snowy winters. Cissy-yes, I used the same ILTY hot rose & pink for both projects. I debated whether to use white for the trim but went ahead with the pink. Thanks again for the nice comments. Pam
  9. I found the BICO sweater pattern last night and made it to go along with the round ripple afghan I had made already. Today it is snowing beautiful big snowflakes. We don't get that much snow here in East TN so I am enjoying it. (pics are clickable) Pam
  10. I just found this pattern last night and thought it would be cute to go along with a round ripple afghan I had already done. Today it is snowing - right on cue. pics are clickable. Pam
  11. Thank you very much for the compliments. The pattern I used was the Round Ripple Baby Afghan pattern at sewonfire.com (look under patterns). These are the first round ripples I have done and I think the pattern is very easy to follow. I had tried another round ripple pattern but had to frog it and used this pattern instead. I used ILTY and a H crochet hook and used 1 skein of each with lots of white & the darker color leftover. Pam
  12. I just finished this afghan. A friend's daughter is having a baby in May and I thought she was having a girl so I made it in pink/white but then found out she wasn't sure so I made another one in the blue/white. Now, I'm all set for whichever one she has. pics are clickable Pam
  13. Thank you for the compliments. The yarn I used was Red Heart - Cornflower, Gold, Carrot, Lt. Sage & Coffee. If I was to do it over, I would chose a different green as the Lt. Sage has too much blue in it. In most of the pics, it looks blue instead of green and my hbsd thought it was blue instead of green. Pam
  14. That is amazing. I'm sure you are proud of your achievement. Pam
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