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  1. Wow it's a beautiful afghan but I'm sorry, I don't have that pattern. I think I "need" it tho!
  2. You may have hated all those ends but the result is STUNNING! So beautiful!
  3. Those are JUST adorable! Oh my goodness! I love the snowmen especially! You did them with thready? What size thread and hook did you use?
  4. Hi and welcome neighbor! I'm in Northwest Indiana!
  5. I don't see why it couldn't be done! I think I would try it on the seam as high up as you want to go and just increase the rows working down towards the hem. I would just add rows around the bottom (or an edging of some sort) until it was the length you'd like.
  6. That is just gorgeous! Looks like A LOT of work! You really used simply soft to make it? That is why I shy away from doily's....can't stand working with thread. Now THIS I could see myself attempting!
  7. Those are adorable! I bet his boys will just love them!
  8. Very pretty! I made one years and years ago that lays on the back of my sofa. It's been washed hundreds of times and it is just now starting to look a little worn. Was thinking I need to make another one to replace it pretty soon. The 2 stranded ones do seem to last a very long time! Love your colors Reni!
  9. Oh my goodness! That is awesome!
  10. Love it! Really like the colors together too!
  11. Gosh that's pretty but sure looks like A LOT of work! You did a great job on it!
  12. Both are really, really pretty! Have a question for you tho.....I have never made anything "baby" with RHSS. Isn't it just too rough and stiff for a baby? Or is there a trick you use to soften it up?
  13. That is just adorable! Love the yellow you used...so bright and cheery and well....just plain, DUCKY!
  14. Real Deal thank you so much for posting this! It makes perfect sense and something I've never, ever thought of before!
  15. That is adorable! I wish I knew how to crochet them....always have issues when it comes to "connecting" everything!
  16. I was just about to say the EXACT same thing! Granny Square knows everything there is to know about crochet!
  17. I viewed the post as well and love the blanket! I hope the pattern can be found because it's beautiful and I would like it as well! When I look it says that there have been 104 views of your original post Reni.
  18. Boy I must admit, that sure does look familar! Not sure where I have seen it at tho???
  19. Very, very pretty! I can't believe you used an "I" hook with the Stylecraft DK yarn tho? You must crochet tight. I think I would need to use a "G" hook to get mine as tight as that!
  20. That is gorgeous! I had to order it!
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