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  1. Welcome from a fellow Hoosier! Where are you at in Indiana?
  2. Thank you all! Cshort I would love to know where you found the afghan pattern at!
  3. I have nieces and nephews who compete worldwide in the Lego Competition every year. This year they took 2nd place worldwide! My nephew even got to meet the founder of Lego's in the elevator where the competition was taking place and I guess was rendered speechless! I made this scarf from a toddler pattern that can be found Ravelry. I tweaked it to fit an older child (my nephew is 10) for Christmas. I have a feeling that when his sisters see this they will want one too!
  4. Could she be ANY cuter? What a sweet face! She is adorable in that hat!
  5. I have always had a difficult time with mile a minutes but really wanted to make one! I used the pattern that ReniC posted the link for and it was super easy and came out beautifully! I made it larger for an adult...it's a 50th birthday gift next month!
  6. I LOVE these! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
  7. I contacted her for the exact same thing and she sent me a link for it!
  8. You could do a search for Crochet World magazine, October 2008. That is the issue the pattern is in. You may want to note that there have been some corrections to the pattern. If you go to the Ravelry page of the pattern it will lead you to the corrections. Hope this helps!
  9. I think there are some suggestions on your other post.
  10. Can you please share with us what pattern it WAS? Curious minds need to know!
  11. Sarisue the one listed on eBay is showing the exact picture that Colorado TJ posted. Not sure what the problem was? Maybe she will explain more soon.
  12. Wow that is amazing! Was it very difficult to make?
  13. Just beautiful and the colors are amazing! You are such a sweetie for doing that for her!
  14. The Ravelry link that Magiccrochetfan listed IS the Maggie Weldon pattern. The book is for sale at Leisure Arts for $9.99.
  15. That is gorgeous! I love it!
  16. Thank you for posting the video link! That helps tremendously!
  17. That is beautiful but I'm not understand the "wrapping" part? Can you explain a little better please?
  18. Love the colors AND you used stash yarn! Woo hoo!
  19. Thank you SO much for the advice Tinneke! I will definitely try that!
  20. You may be able to find it on eBay. It IS very, very pretty!
  21. I have to admit, I am NOT a poncho kind of gal but I absolutely LOVE this one and would definitely wear it!
  22. Those are adorable! Wish I could give them a try but everytime I crochet something with a head and neck, I can never attach it without the head flopping over! Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  23. Just beautiful! Looks like that yarn is a bit difficult to find here in the US. They do have some beautiful colorways tho!
  24. Guess I'm the odd ball! I like the blue by itself much better.
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