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  1. Hi and Welcome! Your fur babies are just gorgeous!
  2. I think it would be easier for you to use 2 separate skeins of yarn too. I know it is for myself.
  3. kittyloverdeb

    Rainbow Bunny

    So sweet! Love the rainbow colors!
  4. These are adorable! I used to love to cross stitch. You wouldn't believe all the pattern books and magazines I still have...boxes and boxes of them! It's more difficult for me to see now so the charts and the fabric are not as "fun" to work with as they were 20 years ago!
  5. That is just soooo cute! It looks so soft and cuddly! Jude will love it, I'm sure!
  6. Hello and Welcome from Northewest Indiana!
  7. Welcome back!!!! I've missed you and I've SO missed your blog updates! Hope all is well and I just bet those boys are growing like little weeds!
  8. kittyloverdeb


    Oh how stinking adorable! We just seen the movie on Saturday and I fell in love with him!
  9. Adorable! I have the pattern for the bear but have not made it yet. Hmmmm....maybe I need to move this one up on my list of "to-do" projects!
  10. All of them are incredible...how in the world did they pick the winners? They are all so beautiful! Love, love, LOVE your entry!
  11. How wonderful for you to take this on! I'm sorry I have no clue on what a "good" hook size for children learning would be but wanted to tell you what a great idea you have in doing this! Oh and I love the kitty on your shoulder too!
  12. Oh my gosh that is just too cute! Love the colors you used and love that little bear!
  13. Jimbo I think that is some great advice Michelle just gave ya!
  14. I think FB may be a good idea for you but the hard part would be to get enough people to know that you are on there and to "like" your page so that they can follow or get the announcements when a hook goes up for bid.
  15. Have you tried contacting any of the Ebay sellers or Etsy sellers that have them? They may do it for you. I know I wanted a bag bigger on one of the Ebay stores and the woman made it to my specifications. Couldn't hurt to ask!
  16. kittyloverdeb

    Softie Mouse

    Reni that little mouse is so sweet looking! I'm sure your granddaughter will adore him!
  17. Wow that is wonderful! I would love the written pattern as well! Very pretty afghan and would be perfect for a little girl!
  18. Both are just lovely! Love the squares one and that border! Wowzer! Beautiful!
  19. That is gorgeous! I love how you used the different colors! Great job!
  20. That is adorable! You have WAY more patience then I do!
  21. Here is the link for the one that I bought. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fast--thick-mermaid-cozy I have not tried it because I don't think I could crochet with a size Q hook! I may try the free pattern that Reni posted tho. Seems much more "do-able" to me.
  22. I bought the pattern but haven't tried it yet. Did you use the yarn that they called for in the pattern?
  23. Just beautiful! You do such amazing work Apak!
  24. Beautiful and thanks for the link to the blog....awesome crochet things there!
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