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  1. Sounds to me like a typo in the pattern. Could mean to put a dc into the sc not the dc since there are none.
  2. That is beautiful! Wow are you a patient woman...I would have thrown in the towel a long, long time ago!!! How do you wash something that large? Does it fit in your washing machine?
  3. Wow is that beautiful! How wonderful to use up all that yarn, good for you!
  4. I'm up to date on mine but still don't have pictures. I'm concerned tho that this thing is going to be HUGE! I may have to do a January to July and then another one July to December!
  5. I love snowmen too and yours is just adorable! Love him!
  6. kittyloverdeb

    Miss Kitty

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE her! The tail definitely makes her a kitty and maybe if the ears were a little more pointy it would help some too? Love the bright colors you used and I'm sure the little girl will just love her to pieces!
  7. Very cute! Hope you post a picture of the baby wearing this!
  8. Oh Darski that cupcake trim is adorable! I was working on another project last night and I forgot all about my temperature afghan until it was time to go to bed. I'll have to do 2 rows tonight. Hopefully I can get a picture uploaded here soon. Jessicali I hope you have a fun time in Pennsylvania. I've never been there! Wish I could do some traveling...I'd go somewhere warm and sunshiny tho!
  9. Okay so I'm all caught up and I must say that I really like how the colors are playing out! I will have to take a picture and post it. Since we are in the negative numbers here temp wise for the next few days, I think I will many rows of purple!
  10. That is a good idea darski but I was so itching to start and I looked at a few different patterns last night. Finally started around 8:00 pm! I just went with the Spectrum pattern. It's easy, mindless and I think I should be able to catch up fairly quick. I really didn't want to do squares and had my heart set on that C2C until I realized you could probably cover my entire front yard with the darn thing when it was completed! Not to mention the amount of time (and yarn) it would take!
  11. Wowzer! Graph ghans are just something I have never been able to do so I admire them so much when someone posts one! Your granddaughter will love it!
  12. Krys the designer has a ton of beautiful patterns and I have purchased quite a few of them! They are super easy to make! Here is the link to her Ravelry page if you would like to take a look. http://www.ravelry.com/designers/jody-pyott
  13. Hmmmm....that's a definite possiblility! Thanks for the link Darski. I managed to pick up the yarn today so can start this evening, hopefully. Maybe I can do a square a month? I'll have to see how big 15 rows in would be. That would work for the months with 30 days but for 31 days (like this month) or 29 days (like February) what would I do? This old brain and numbers just don't mix!
  14. Is it too late to join y'all? I went back and looked up all the average temps we've had so far and wrote them down. I think I would like to do a C2C blanket. Will do the increase rows until July 1st and then start the decrease rows. I want to stick with the colors that they are using with the Bernat Satin however, I don't care for the Satin and I also don't see all of those colors. Thinking of using Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn because of the color choices and besides, it's one of my favorite yarns. Just not sure when I will have the chance to actually get this yarn. Hopefully tomorrow
  15. Ummmm...would have to say thank you but NO THANK YOU!
  16. Now THAT'S funny! Yep....getting better at these first trys, aren't I? Having a bad day so really needed this smile...thank you!!!
  17. I've never tried one myself but I love yours! I may have to just add this to my "to do" lost now! Like the colors and love the border you did!
  18. This JUST happened to me yesterday! Someone asked me to make an Owl baby sack and hat for their new grandson. I severly undercharged them for it just because I knew they didn't have a lot of money to spend and I really didn't mind making it. I bought the pattern, all the yarn (because they didn't want "traditional" baby colors) and spent probably 4 weeks making the thing. She finally posted a picture on FB of the baby in it and her comment was "Isn't this cute for Deb's first try". First try????? Not sure what that meant or how to take it so I just let it go. Mind you, I've been crochet
  19. That is adorable! I have a great niece who is into herpetology BIG time and she would LOVE this! I bought her a knitted one at Christmas but it wasn't homemade.
  20. Maybe that's what I need! A magnifyer! I am going at lunch today to JoAnn's to buy a "hoop" because I found an old cross stitch picture that I started a long, LONG time ago and maybe I can work on it a little bit at a time. I always worked in 18 ct. and not sure what this one is...I'm assuming it's 18 ct. as well. Maybe if I moved up to 14 ct. it would be easier. But the charts! Would need the magnifying glass for that!
  21. Happens to me a lot because my kitty claws tend to get tangled when they are in my lap and I'm working on something. I just pull the yarn thru a few stitches to try to hide it.
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