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  1. Hi Hannah and Welcome! My nephew taught High School History in Guam for a few years before deciding to move back home. He loved it there!
  2. Oh my goodness! This made me smile! He kind of looks embarrassed in the second photo! But he sure is a cutie pie and you are a great "mom"!
  3. That is gorgeous! Is the pattern available? Love the color yarn you used too. Great job!
  4. Welcome back! I am not on here very often anymore as my life is just very, very busy at the moment but it sure is great to see you back on here! Your round ripple pattern is the ONLY one I use and have made too many to count! Sounds like you have been very busy and doing some very "fun" things too!
  5. I to played catch-up last night but I was only 4 days behind. I need to take the time to weave in some ends! I have a feeling this blanket may become one of my favorites!
  6. Awwww....congratulations! What a little cutie patootie!
  7. Very pretty! Love the colors you used.
  8. Sure would look nice in my "craft" room!
  9. Oh YES Jimbo! I would LOVE something like that! If you need a "tester", I'm your gal!
  10. Yes I did find the pattern and any advice/help is most welcome Krys! There are really some adorable patterns on that site!
  11. Beautiful! I love the soft, muted colors your used. What kind of yarn is that?
  12. I think RealDeal just put me to shame!
  13. That is just adorable! I'm off to find the pattern!
  14. Okay I don't mean to brag but....I could put you girls to shame! If I told you how many bins and boxes and bags of yarn I have! They are in my spare bedroom, the garage, the shed and the attic. I have SO much that hubby is building me my own shed so we can clean out the house and have all of my stuff in one place! In my defense, the bins are organized by type of yarn and also by brands. I don't consider myself a "hoarder" but more of a "collector"!
  15. I've been pretty consistent since I started mine. I may miss a day here and there but doing 2 rows instead of 1 to catch up is no big deal. I find that I MUST crochet a little bit every day....my day isn't complete if I don't. So instead of working on whatever project I have going, I pick up my temperature blanket first and do the days row THEN I work on my project. Not saying this will work the entire year for me but right now it seems to be!
  16. The only stitch counters I use are attached to the end of my hands!
  17. Hmmm...never got any of that with my membership greyhoundgrandma. If I ever do decide to join again I will check for local chapters. Thanks for that idea CrochetKitten!
  18. How cute! Good thing you put more than one fig leaf on him!
  19. How beautiful! Jude will be "styling" with that outfit! Love the blanket too and those buttons are just adorable!
  20. You know I belonged to the guild a couple years ago and other than receiving an emailed newsletter every so often, I got absolutely no benefit out of joining. I never found any "free" patterns for members only. Never got anything. Never even got a "we miss you" email when I didn't re-up my membership!
  21. This is amazing! Thank you darski for posting this! Please post pictures of yours when you make it...would love to see it!
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