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  1. That is gorgeous! I would love the pattern!
  2. Beautiful! I really love the colors! What a wonderful Christmas gift.
  3. I'm usually pretty slow. That's why it amazes me when people post what they've made in like 3 days time!!!
  4. Just beautiful! Love, love, love the colors! Kitty is very adorable too!
  5. Just beautiful! Love the colors!!! How very sweet of you to make that for her!
  6. There's also a CAL here for it...wrap snuggie!
  7. Very, very pretty! I'm sure she will love the blanket! I to would love the pattern!
  8. Congratulations Brenda! I feel your excitement all the way here in Indiana!!!
  9. What a gorgeous afghan! I have never seen a log cabin pattern look like that! Was that your idea or what the pattern called for? I love it!
  10. Looks so soft! I love the lilac and white....great job!
  11. Very nice! I started to say pretty but I guess boys scarfs really aren't supposed to be pretty are they? I especially like the middle blue one!
  12. How pretty! Bet she will love it!!!
  13. I just got the book yesterday that this pattern is in! It is called McCall's Super-Book of Afghans Vol. 2. It is an old magazine from 1979. I was able to find it with lots of help from one of my dear friends here at the Ville!!!
  14. How cute! Love the cape on her! Great job!!!
  15. That is SO gorgeous! I wish I just "got" the 12 to 24 point concept! I love the colors you used!
  16. I'm going to try this tonight when I crochet! Thanks for posting this!
  17. Thanks Craftylady for posting your instructions....sounds easy and I like EASY!!!
  18. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing with us...I will definitely being using this edge on things!!!
  19. Could you maybe Goggle it and find instructions???
  20. Just wanted to tell you thank you for posting the pattern! Think I may start one of these as a Christmas gift! Roli I just love your work....you are so gifted!
  21. Wow both of those are so cool! Thanks for posting this question....I bookmarked both of those sites!
  22. Great tree skirt! I would love to see a picture of it under the tree!
  23. Here are my first 3 squares. Not sure how I like them yet....
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