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  1. Hi,


    Thanks for your response.  Merrillville, IN is near Crown Point, IN where my daughter lives.  I visit there a lot so perhaps it is possible as soon as weather breaks.  

    Can we keep in open as to see if we can meet.  

    I love coffee so perhaps a coffee place.




    Trisha I would LOVE that!  Yes Crown Point is just a stones throw away!  In fact my favorite grocery store is in Crown Point!  Please let me know when you are coming this way and able to meet up....would love to share a coffee or a lunch with you and talk crochet! 

  2. Well I've been stuck on an afghan for over 3 nights now!  I'm doing the Holiday Cables Throw by RedHeart and have been stuck on rows 49 and 50!  Finally at bedtime last night the light bulb clicked on!  I figured out what I'm doing wrong!  Now I can't wait to get back and frog that stupid row for the 5th time!  LOL

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  3. Hi Deb!  :waving 

    Did you complete this blanket? I stayed away from it cuz of the wool content and "Hand Wash" suggestion.

    Reni I am so, so sorry!  I have not been on here regularly in some time now.  Yes I completed the blanket.  I washed it on cold gentle in the washer and put it in the dryer on delicate.  It didn't dry it all the way but I was so afraid it would felt!  So I hung it over the shower curtain to finish drying and it turned out beautiful and oh so very soft!  If you do wash it this way, be aware that when it is damp the smell is horrible!  Must be the wool in it.  But once dry it was fine! 

  4. Now that is stinkin adorable!! AND I think I know who its for!!

    How could you possibly know who it's for when there have been no clues posted?  Man are you GOOD!  I usually can't figure out who it's going to even after all the clues have been posted!  :lol

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  5. That is gorgeous!  I looked at her patterns when you posted it in the Olympic thread.  She has so many to pick from that I couldn't decide!  I'm working on something similar right now but with squares that are joined.  I hope to use it for a Christmas gift but it seems to be taking me forever!  What a beautiful gift yours will be and I'm sure they will treasure it!

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