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  1. Thank you all for reminding me of the final goal. I've been steadily working on this project, though the two of them don't seem to be settling on any kind of date. My son in the mean time has gotten engaged and bought a home and we're in the middle of this plus there have been so many other weddings that I've been doing the Irish afghan for. I think I've made 4 of these in one year and working on another. My daughter is just as slow as I am. I'll post the answer to Breeze's question this evening, I hope. Happy New Year to all.
  2. Ok, ya'll. I've picked it up again. Most of my projects for babies are done. The baby boom is almost past. The weddings are beginning again though. So I do the wedding projects at home at night and the bedspread at work during lunch. I feel I'm getting some things done anyway. What a ride I've had this Spring though. Health issues up the wazzooo and work stuff that is just crazy. I lost my position and then was allowed to reapply for the same position and it didn't change one bit except the name of the office but they don't even know what they're calling it. It's a long story. However I'm still working and that in itself these days is a blessing. And best of all I'm still crocheting!!!!!! Hopefully I be back visting this website more often too. See ya'll.
  3. I haven't been working on the bedspread. Too many babies coming and I've had some stomach problems that have made me not want to do anything at all but go to work and come home and do nothing. I thank you all for the encouragement. I'm going to try to get back to it soon. I need to boost myself up and get going. Thank you, thank you.
  4. Is there a south Milwaukee/Racine area Guild? I'd love to get connected.
  5. Where in Wisconsin? I'm in Racine
  6. I have gotten back to work on it, but still haven't put any motifs together. I'm also working on some test projects for Kathy that I've been totally neglecting. However a bright star to these Wisconsin winters is we get to go to see our daughter in Hawaii at the end of February what a wonderful winter break. Sorry I've been gone so long. Ended up in the hospital right before Thanksgiving and a few things at work have set me back on everything. Hopefully I'll be back to normal (and just what is that????) soon.
  7. Thank you all for your encouragement. I'm not at the half way mark just yet but I'm going to put some together to see if the measurements are accurate. My motifs come out larger than they are suppose to which is actually a benefit for me if I don't have to make more motifs. I'll try to check in more regularly. I've been ill and life is happening again.
  8. I think that in yarn it would be huge. It measure about 14" across in my pattern. I realize this is larger than the pattern but cant figure out why and since it's going so well I really don't care too much.
  9. Thank you all for being so patient with me. I've finished the wedding afghan and need to work on some test patterns for Katchkan. I've finished one more motif and am working on another. There has been so much going on in my life since May that I've been really bad about checking in. Take care ya'll.
  10. Wow, you are all so fantastic - how can I not complete this. I am on a break because of the wedding afghan but will soon have to do that only at night and can bring the motifs to work on at lunch. You guys amaze me.
  11. I haven't been putting them together. They are easier to store that way. But I may start or I might just laying them out to see what it's like. I'll keep you posted. Pam - I tried thread crochet for years and my fingers didn't want to work. I kept thread and hook next to me and tried whenever I felt like it. Then one day I picked it up and I could do it. Don't know why. Keep trying.
  12. What a great use of thread and sooooo unique. Thanks for the idea.
  13. Is there a number on the book? I've found two online. What a beautiful job & babe. My daughter is in Hawaii and this would be fantastic should she ever decide to have a little one.
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