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  1. Holly glad to see you back. Katy I can remember the new address except for the zip code. Lea about the gate. When I bought mine I got a 54" deck. I didnt have any gate issues but soon learned to go certain ways to not high center it. When dh took over mowing he promptly wedged it in one area, has gotten it major stuck in mud three times and put it on cruise control forgetting that all he had to do to disengage it was hit the brake so I hear this crash in the building and lots of swearing. Told him I didnt think they should be letting him drive the firetrucks. Mary Jo our back up qb is now out due to broken ankle and a couple of other guys they planned on starting are out for knee surgery. Krys when it comes time to move I have the option to just pack and move what I think I need and leave everything else behind. Buyers offer was we dont have to fix anything, clean the place out or clean it up and I wrote up the contract that way and they signed it. I just would rather clean out as much as I can. Well the gal picking up the trees was a little late and the septic guy was a couple hours early. Glad he was early because it was pouring down rain and lightening at the time we expected him. I called the closing coordinator at the senior place to verfy a few things about the closing process there and to see about meeting with our area coordinator and head groundskeeper to check if its really ok for us to have some bonsai trees outside and if its ok to bring some of my garden statuary.
  2. bgs


    Cute. Love the yarn you used and thank you for the tutorial.
  3. Dh jokingly refers to bonsai as little trees in bondage. This was a tree we won in a raffle a couple of years ago immediately after guest Master Pedro Morales from Puerto Rico styled it. This was one month later. When it blooms it is loaded with the most fragrant little white blossoms. These belong to a friend of ours. She is really good at designing them and has been doing it much longer than we have. We are not very good at it and dont have a good set up for wintering them. The people with the nicest trees have green houses, heated sheds and special lighting. This is one of my favorites. Its an azalea in bloom exposed root style. The brown you see from the soil up to the leaves and blossoms are lignified roots and not the trunk. Its been raining today. Another person came out today and picked up more of our trees that we hadnt worked on much. Then the septic sucking truck was out. Neighbor buying place had them do theirs and ours (soon to be theirs). Glad he came early because at the time we expected him it poured down rain and there was a lot of lightening. Yes typing on my phone is challenging but I wouldnt be able to make it here otherwise. That will change after we move because I will finally have high speed internet. I called and talked with our closing coordinator at the senior place. I wanted to go over a few things and set up a meeting with our area coordinator and the head of landscaping in regards to our bonsai trees and my concrete statuary. At first I thought I would have to get rid of both but the closing coordinator and sales rep said we can have them.
  4. bgs

    Embossed Afghan

    Its gorgeous! Amazing what you can do with post stitches.
  5. Mary Jo the picture is the link. Just click on it. If you want the non photo link you have to go down real quick and select the other option. Its a beautiful afghan.
  6. Sandra I am wondering if there isnt a stomach flu going around here. Dh had problems a week ago and then I had problems. Still feel a little quesy. Mary Jo glad it was the younger qb. Here we watch in horror every time Mahomes takes a hit. You can tell the coaches have been working with him on getting rid of the ball faster and how to go down on his own rather than be tackled. Laundry is going. Expecting a lady out shortly to pick up large pots with tree cuttings that now are large enough to work with and the septic sucking truck is due about noon. Then need to make phone calls.
  7. Turned out really nice. Like the texture. I really like the colors and how they worked out. I say that because if some one asked me if I liked those colors I most likely would respond not especially but they worked beautifully here.
  8. Mary Jo the tiring part in most of what we do is that hour drive in and hour drive back except for mowing, trimming brush, and cutting down trees out here. After we move if we really miss any of that it will only take a few minutes to get to my niece's yard. Dh is looking forward to the golf course. We are on the 4th hole so if he wants he could just shoot that hole over and over. I am dreaming about spending hours in the pool at the aquacenter and finding a group to watch the Chiefs games with. Even though they lost I could see good things going on. I think Maholmes has gotten better and they wound up with a couple of amazing rookies (like Tyreek Hill amazing) from the last draft to move the ball on down the field. Defense is still a work in progress but seems to be getting there. Looks like they have some good players that they wont have room for that will eventually go to other teams. Carol glad things are settling in. The people the next street over from my sister with the same house number are aggravating because they keep packages misdelivered to them. Sis has had to go knock on their door to track packages down where if theirs were left at her house she took them over to them. Dare I say that there is a hint of a chill in the air today. Dh dug the dirt off the septic tank this afternoon after church. Neighbor is having it pumped tomorrow and wants to see what the set up is here and how dh deals with it. Thats going to be another thing we wont miss doing. Dh got it done and a board and tarp over it just before it started raining
  9. Krys we are waiting on the title company to close on the 5 acre place we currently own. Going to be calling this week to try to move it along as it will be 4 weeks tomorrow when we left the contract with them. Escrow officer said it generally takes them two weeks to work them but they were slammed right now. We put a Sept date down so we wouldnt have to redo paperwork and get all new signatures just in case but said we wanted to close as soon as they could process it. Of couse she was out of office day we dropped off contract and on vacation last week when buyer called in to check We are moving to a continuing care retirement community so it has houses, duplexes, and apartments for independent living. You can just rent but the rent its higher than the monthly fee you pay if you do a buy in. By buying in if you need to go to assisted living, Alzheimer units, or nursing home they will place you there over accepting someone that did not buy in and a perdon that bought in will be charged a much lower rate. The buy in fee provides us with long term health insurance there and guarantees us home for life should we go broke (like huge medical bills or some ones 401K goes under.) They have a special benevolent fund to help cover. The buy in is not cheap but what price do you put on peace of mind to know you wont become homeless. We dont have long term health insurance so this will take care of that. Its a not for profit and is run more like a co-op. There are different buy in options like should you want any money back for your estate when you pass then its a higher buy in rate or I guess a better term would be entrance fee. We pay a set monthly fee or rent which covers the water, electric, gas, sewer, trash, and $190 dining credit for each of us (they feel that this encourages old people to eat) Its going to be weird (but nice) when a faucet leaks to pick up the phone instead of getting out the plumbing box. Something wrong with fridge, stove, microwave, hot water heater, washer, dryer, furnace ac, garage door opener, even lightbulb in ceiling pick up phone. No mowing and no more shoveling snow. Well we dont have to shovel snow but I bet dh will instead of waiting for them to get to us but this walkway and drive is nothing compared to what we deal with now. I dont remember the square feet. Its actually larger than I thought we could afford there. At one time I told dh I could live in a studio apartment just to move there. At first he balked until I pointed out we really only "needed" a place to sleep and shower because we would have run of the whole campus. There are lots of common areas where you can sit and read or crochet. Our current house is small but the attic is full and we have a metal building that is actually bigger than the house. Doesnt seem like we have made a dent in getting rid of stuff. Dh's plan is to move stuff to the new place and then call the auctioneer out to auction off things at their auction barn. I am pretty sure there will be stuff left behind. That was part of neighbors offer---dont have to clean place out or up and its in the contract.
  10. to the 'ville. I am glad you decided to join us. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyone's projects (even non crochet projects)! I love the inspiration, encouragement and motivation that I have received from fellow members here. I hope you will join in on the chatter in the CAL's so we get to know you better. In order for us to help you it helps us to have more info. If the pattern is free and on the internet you can post the link. If not give us the name of the pattern and name of book or magazine it was in. You are allowed to post a couple of rows of a pattern and not be in violation of copyright. We need to see the instructions for the row you are having problems with along with the instructions for the previous row. Sometimes it also helps to see a photo of your work.
  11. I kept thinking yesterday was Sat because when we go out with sis and niece its pretty much on a Sat. This morning we went to bonsai where we were overwhelmed by new members and walk in visitors all wanting one on one attention. Before leaving dh picked up trash and set out some plants in the resting garden the society adopted. It was good to unwind at late lunch. After we dropped off more things at the thrift store. Then we stopped by to look at the duplex thinking about what concrete to take and where to place it. We walked across the street to the little lake and talked with a guy fishing. It was a nice day with an overcast sky and high in the 70's. Its good to finally be home in my chair watching the Chiefs.
  12. Marisa its great having people return to the 'ville. It got so quiet I was afraid it would shut down. Sounds like you have been busy with some major life changes. I love your yarn storage system Diana love your new pillow and that paisley is fantastic. I can sympathize on the phone internet service. I have gone without internet as long as 3 weeks. Then when they ran new cable they crossed our phone line with someone that just carried local service. We carry a metropolitan calling plan so we can call KC area and people there can call us and it not be long distance. We call no one considered local. Cindy the banana and pumpkin bread sounds good. Its been nice today, overcast and high in the 70's. Been another busy week. Dh mowed Mon and Tues when it was so hot and humid. Mower quit Tues so he pushed it back to the building from the field. I mentioned to him last year it was due for a new battery so he finished mowing Wed after installing a new battery. Thurs a bonsai friend came out hauled off trees we gave up on or never got around to working on. He is going to keep a few and then bring the rest in for the bonsai society's fundraiser auction. Fri we took sis and niece out for niece's birthday. We also hauled yarn in that my niece is storing for me. This morning it was off to bonsai where we were overwhelmed with new members and walk in visitors all wanting one on one attention. Before leaving there dh picked up trash and set out plants in our (bonsai society) adopted resting garden. It was good to unwind at late lunch. Then we dropped off more things at the thrift store. We stopped by the duplex at the senior place to look at the landscaping around it to figure out which and where to put some of my concrete statuary. While we were there we walked across the street over to the little lake and talked with a man fishing there. Its good to be home in my chair waiting to watch the Chiefs play.
  13. to the 'ville. I am glad decided to join us. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyone's projects (even non crochet projects)! Hope you will be back to crafting soon. I love the inspiration, encouragement and motivation that I have received from fellow members here. I hope you will join in on the chatter in the CAL's so we get to know you better.
  14. It is beautiful and fascinating. I know absolutely nothing about it and would be tickled to see photos of what you accomplish and hear your thoughts on the process.
  15. It is beautiful and fascinating. I know absolutely nothing about it and would be tickled to see photos of what you accomplish and hear your thoughts on the process.
  16. back to the 'ville. I am glad you decided to come back.
  17. Lea dont you do most of the mowing? Hope he bought a nice one for you-----larger deck so you get done faster and with a cab and ac. If not send it back. No experience with meal delivery plans. Ratdog nice pen case. Mary Jo hope your team looks good tonight. Today has felt like Sat because we took sis and niece out for lunch for niece's birthday. Waiting for things to proces and trying to get everything timed just right is hard. There is a time limit as to how long they will hold the place we want to move to. I think we should be ok. We have to watch what date we close there so we dont lose out on our dining credit for that cycle. Daphne sounds like a wonderful breed. My guess is the little booger is really smart and needs lots of mental stimulation. Cant believe Halloween isnt far off.
  18. My favorite scam calls said they were from the IRS. In just a few days it will be 4 years since dad passed and a few more days 26 years since mom passed. Lea Sorry about your kitty and all the others. Tribble good to see you. What kind of puppy did you get? Mower quit on dh Tues before he finished the field. It was miserably hot and he was tired but he pushed it back down from the field. I had encouraged him to replace the battery last year so this wouldnt happen. He finished it Wed after putting in a new battery. Not sure much happening at title company this week as neighbor called to check on things and learned person working it is on vacation. I wish they would give you a straight answer when you ask how long it was going to take and just say add another week because of vacation. Dh got a followup call concerning the correction on his pension. The check we sent in early June to repay what they refunded in Feb finally cleared the bank. A guy from the bonsai society came out today and hauled off most all the trees we we never did much with. He is going to keep some and will bring the others to the bonsai society's fund raising auction in Nov. I have a few to take but couldnt have kept that many. I have more yarn loaded up to take by my nieces house tomorrow and working on another load to take to the thrift store on Sat. I promised someone else my big long pots with my rooted cuttings and she is coming to pick those up on Mon. Neighbors are having the septic tank pumped Mon so dh will have to get the dirt dug off so he can open it up. Guess we are making a little progress.
  19. Thank you for more of your wonderful doll clothes patterns. Great to see you here. We miss you.
  20. Thats odd. I am having no problems with the links on either page.
  21. bgs

    Pokemon fans?

    You are doing a fantastic job. Looking at your work its hard to believe you have been crocheting only 2 months.
  22. That is absolutely gorgeous!
  23. bgs

    Pokemon fans?

    Thats a great idea!
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