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  1. Welcome! I worked in a hospital lab for 20+ years (but 20 years ago). Like you I also worked chemistry. I worked all of Chem dept but somehow I inherited the responsibility of watching over Special Chem-----the ordering, maintenance, QC, etc for Special Chem. A group of us that worked there just got together a few weeks ago. Sadly the pathologist we had been with for so many years passed away and his funeral was the morning before our party so we started the evening off with glasses held high and a toast to Dr. B. He was 90 years old. I started working with him What kind of crochet projects do you like working on? I like making ministockings for a group that fills them to distribute to active military at Christmas. I have made scarves, hats, afghans, and a lot of potholders. We enjoy seeing what everyone makes.
  2. Its absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful pattern and yarn.
  3. 16° but feels like 5° and it had the audacity to snow this morning. Thankfully just a dusting. Dh went over and got our tickets for Mardi Gras dinner and entertainment. Then he trekked back over for our tickets to Super Bowl party. Told him yesterday I was going to be really disappointed if they did not have one here and then we got the email for it about noon today. Might get my wish about seeing KC win a second one in my lifetime. Its only been 50 years since the last and only time. Its kind of a bucket list thing. One that I have absolutely no control over.
  4. We havent seen Tribble around for awhile. Maybe us all thinking about her in unison will remind her to check in. We are covered in ice this morning. The guys treated sidewalks, driveways, and streets yesterday but I imagine most of it washed away. Sidewalk is so nice and shiney. It would be safer walking in the grass. Mary Jo glad you are feeling better.
  5. Ratdog its beautiful. Lyn the 24° here today feels pretty chilly because of the wind and no sun. Expecting freezing rain later. Think I will pass on an extended walk today. I could go walk the halls of the buildings but feel more like just watching tv and working a prayer shawl. Besides he is off to bowling so another couple of hours of peace and quiet. Lea love the photo of your Princess in her boots. Sounds like its time to fill the freezer with venison. It makes the best chili. Dh was giving our barn cats some canned food along with dry. The only reason he did not leave canned food along with the dry for neighbor to feed them is because he was afraid they would let them eat it straight from the can. He has sliced his finger too many times on those cans cleaning them that he didnt want them getting hurt licking food out of the can. Not too sure he hasnt slipped back out there to see them because I found the receipt where he has purchased canned cat food dated after we left out there. Last night we went to one of the special event dinners. Salad, chicken supreme, penne pasta, cheese cake, glass of wine, and a jazz concert $10 each and best of all used our dining credit. Food and service was really good and equivalent to going to a very nice restaurant.
  6. Judy such a busy bee. Such a nice bunch of hats. I am trying to get crocheting again. I joined some squares I already had on hand for two doll blankets and started a prayer shawl. Still need to find a chair but I figure getting up from sitting on the floor is good exercise. Cindy my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mil. Sorry about your bil. It is a really tough situation on so many levels for all involved.
  7. Mona I really appreciate functioning indoor plumbing too. When our electricity was out I was thankful we were on rural water system and not dependent on the well and needing electricity to operate the pump. We have had some warmish days (50ish) but its going to be chilly next few days possibly single digit. We had a big night out here with the other seniors. Special evening meal over at Lakeside Grille with wine and a jazz group. We are so close we walked and were back home by 7:15pm. Would have been back sooner but in the hallway we wound up behind a lady with a walker.
  8. Mona glad things are getting back to normal. I really really like electricity. Still remember the week without it from 91 ice storm like it was yesterday.
  9. A warm 42° headed towards 50° but very damp out from last nights rain. Big adventure for the morning was mailing a package at the grocery store. It is closer and easier to get to than our PO. Hours are better too 630am until 9 maybe 10pm cant remember which. Lyn dh has taken off to dulcimer practice. I get almost 3 hours of peace and quiet.
  10. Lyn 2 hats and 4 laps equal good. Its a slow go for me crocheting. Almost have another doll blanket done but the squares were already done. Went to prayer shawl group this morning and have started one. Walked to lunch and back. Then took a long walk later but dont know how far it was. We walked thru more buildings trying to orient where more things are.
  11. Definitely not the best written pattern I have seen.
  12. I think I can understand this up thru rnd 9. Not seeing how they come up with stitch count of 14 on rnd 10. Rnd 10 invdc 2 times uses 4 stitches creates 2 sc 2 uses 2 stitches creates 2 Sc 2 in next 4 uses 4 stitches creates 8 Besides only coming up with a total of 10 stitches you have only worked into 10 of 12 stitches in rnd 9. Then what's with round 13 saying sc 10 only and then giving you a stitch count of 14.
  13. Mary Jo from what I see and hear Mahomes is an all around amazing person. Seems to have great attitude. He doesnt dwell on the dropped balls or whatever. Its in the past so lets move on to next play. We can do this. In interviews he never says anything negative about anything a teammate did. Its either "we" missed an opportunity or "I" need to do better. Ratdog sorry they messed up your order. I like your embroidery design.
  14. Moving slow this morning. Ground is white but streets and sidewalks are clear. I did not step outside into the stuff Sat and Sun. Dh used dial a ride yesterday to take him to the church on campus. Our church cancelled. This morning he took dial a ride to a class he signed up for. I took advantage of my stay in time to catch up on laundry. Mary Jo did you survive football this weekend? I thought my heart was going to stop a few times Sun afternoon. We get to dream another week.
  15. Chilly 18° here which is a shock to the system after being in the 60's on Thurs (Thurs felt more like tornado weather). Freezing drizzle last night. Heavy snow this morning. Just staying inside and watching snow plows working the streets and the atv with the blade cleaning sidewalks and driveways. Decided to make a pot of chili. Havent cooked much yet in this kitchen.
  16. Seemed to work. After we started doing that each year I didnt have any more trees damaged. It didnt cost anything to try.
  17. 61° on Thurs is now but a pleasant memory. Its 18° out and snowing heavily. Now to see how much we get. Ratdog I love the idea of making a bracelets with those. Wonder where my little collection of those coins are now. Katy I have a bag of little granny squares. I used to grab the bits and ball and make squares and threw them in a bag until I had enough to make a ghan. I do not sew squares together but do a join as you go when making last round. Now I am using the squares to make doll blankets which is great. Ok Lea dont know if this suggestion will work for you but it worked for stopping bucks from raking on my pine trees up in the field. I had set them out when they were little seedings just 3 or 4 inches tall. Then when they grew and got pretty bucks were tearing them up. This idea occurred to me after listening to everything neighbor did to hide and eliminate his scent when deer hunting and I had seen adds in seed catalogues for wolf urine (side note how in the heck do they collect wolf urine but I did have a neighbor and his name is Wolf short for Wolfgang) to keep deer away. I told dh to go out and mark my trees. We started urinating in a container and dribbling it on the trees.
  18. Heavy rains and loud thunder earlier today. Temps have plummeted and now we have ice. Snow to follow.
  19. bgs

    Need help

    (2 DC, DC3) is usually shorthand for make 2 dc in one stitch of previous row or round. Make one dc in each of next 3 stitches of previous row or round. Then you continue this sequence to end of row or round or to next set of instructions. (2DC, DC4) would be make 2dc in one stitch of previous row/round. Make one dc in each of next 4 stitches of previous row/round. Continue sequence.
  20. Cloudy and windy here today but it is 61° out. Its going to drop down into the teens with a fair chance of freezing rain and then snow on top of it late Fri or Sat unless the forecast changes.
  21. Lyn we went to a funeral service at a church with a large fountain of running water in the sanctuary. It was not the least bit calming. I dont know why they think everything has to be scented. You would think there would be a big enough market for unscented products that you could find them easier. I love Bath and Body lotion but cant stand the scents. Any time I find one I can tolerate they retire it. Another thing I hate are those plug in air fresheners. I know of peoples cats and dogs having respiratory allergic reactions to them. I was in one restroom and it was mounted up high and darn thing squirted me almost drifted into my eyes. Lea nothing against Patriot fans. I want to see my guys win just one more Super Bowl before I die----just one. Its been sooooooo long ago.
  22. We find candles and those water sound cds stressful not calming. If we light a candle we feel it must be watched at all times be sitting in a metal pan and that most likely must be sitting on the stove. With all plumbing fiascos we have had lived thru we cringe at water sounds. Its just a little doll ghan but at least its a start as I have not crocheted since Sept and sort of wondered if I would ever get started again.
  23. Yesterday went out to our church. Mary Jo the pastor's and my simultaneous greetings to each other were "no more Patriots". We stopped at our favorite restaurant out there for lunch and stopped at genealogy library on way back to update our address and phone number. Later we went just up the street and knocked balls back and forth at the ping pong tables. We are not very good but it was fun and that did not hurt my back. This morning I got the leaky shower head changed out while dh went to a class. Then before we were heading out to lunch the bushes were trimmed. I ran out real quick and asked if they would trim them back like they were last year when we first looked at the place. They said no problem and cut them back more. Called election board to tell them we registered 11/22 and have yet to receive voter registration cards. After lunch we attended the resident council general meeting and learned about all the development going on around us and there is a lot. We drove over but I decided to walk back just to see if I could make that far. I did ok but not ready to walk there and back. Thankful for our 42° feels like 38° but my left jaw started aching a bit on my walk. Had a root canal a couple of years ago but it still aches a bit in the cold. Katy I did grab my bag of granny squares and put this together. Not much but its a start. I used to tie the yarn bits that made less than a granny square center together and roll into balls for TC. I left the tails at the joins long enough to work back thru the ball so it would not unroll and left short tails hanging loose. She loved those so much. Now I use those bits on ministockings.
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