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  1. She is so cute. Thank you for sharing your pattern.
  2. Those are amazing. Beautiful work. I like little projects in thread but have no desire to tackle a tablecloth.
  3. Thats really pretty. Looks like it might take awhile. Lets see Christmas is just a little over 4 months away.
  4. By golly I think you've got it and are ready to roll. Its gorgeous. Be sure to keep us updated and please please show us when you are finished. We love pictures.
  5. Thanks for the tip to google Tanis Galik. Now I see how its done and its not what I thought.
  6. To be honest I only come here via my phone and its fine. In fact you might find the mobile version more to your liking as some of the things you are not liking just arent here to clutter things up. I am actually on here way more because of my phone. With the computer I have to turn it on wait for it to load and then get online and its dialup. Takes forever if it even decides to connect that day. Phone is by my chair or with me when I am out. I want to see whats happening here just grab phone and I am here in seconds (if I have signal) Our laptop may go weeks without even being turned on. My phone is older with the smaller screen so chubby fingers and little keypad is challenging. Dh's phone is just a little larger and his keypad is so much easier to use. My patterns are in dire need of organization paperwise and digital. I need to get them moved off my phone as they are taking up a lot of memory. I really should put a memory card in my phone.
  7. ratdog sounds like a fun time. Neat meeting Mr. Bigbird himself. Collette glad to see you back----saw your post in welcome section.
  8. Its adorable. Thank you for sharing your pattern.
  9. bgs

    Janice D

    Welcome to the 'ville. I am so glad you decided to join us. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyone's projects (even non crochet projects)! I love the inspiration, encouragement and motivation that I have received from fellow members here. I hope you will join in on thechatter in the CAL's so we get to know you better and that you will sharesome of your projects in Show andTell. 
  10. Know what you mean about thread and stubby fingers! I believe you are correct about an error in the pattern and that it needs another loop so that each half is a mirror image.
  11. I think a lot of us old time members feel the same way. The format before this one was easier to navigate so we were not happy with the change and some left then. But the old one had a very crummy mobile version. It is nice having it set up so that when I select the sheet of paper icon that threads that have received posts since my last visit are what pops up. I had to ask for help in getting set up with this format. The old system you just selected the filters and saved them. I tried that but they wouldnt save. This one seems I had to select new activity stream then select filters. I dont think I would have figured it out on my own. Until I asked Donna a few weeks ago what days won on our profile meant none of us had a clue. Donna had to research it. On uploading photos I just learned that if I selected insert other media it brings up every photo I have ever uploaded here. I just had never pushed that button to see what happens.
  12. School starts out here the 14th. Today we met dh's distant cousin (3rd great grandfathers were brothers) who is here from FL at the genealogy library and then supper at Cracker Barrel. We met thru the internet doing genealogy 7 or 8 years ago after she moved from here to FL. She comes back once a year and we meet up. The time spent together just flies by.
  13. bgs

    Holey Arrows

    I like it too.
  14. bgs

    Celtic Weave

    Sounds like great advice!
  15. Raymond your yarn and stitch pattern look great together. Hopefully your new swatch has a straighter edge. Magic its great to see you. I missed you.
  16. Please post your feelings about the format here. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161475-post-here-for-problems-related-to-july-2019-forum-upgrade/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-2760771 I have heard that a lot. Donna might have suggestions to help when she gets back from vacation. I am here on my phone with mobile version but I thought when I was on a pc you had an option to hide some of the things you are mentioning. You can also use filters and set it up so you come to the site select an icon and it brings up what you want. Mine is set so that I get unread Showing all content I have not read and posted since my last visit. This way you dont have to wade through everything searching for new posts. We have members that eventually started linking directly into a cal but they are missing out.
  17. NCcountrygal welcome to the group! It is great having new people. We are actually very excited to see all the activity around here. It had gotten so slow and quiet that many of us feared the place would be closed down any day but a few of us vowed to hang on til the bitter end meanwhile hoping for a revival. I have made some of my best friends here. Judy sounds like its going to be a beautiful baby afghan. I like the Hobby Lobby yarn too. When I need a specific color and cant find it in other brands I often find it there. Mona hope you finally made it to bed the other night. It reminded me of one of the times we visited dh's cousin. A couple stopped by early evening to see her and stayed until after midnight. They never took the hint that we were visiting from out of town and that it was years between each visit. It also reminded me of my dad in his old age. He went to bed at 8pm no matter who was there. Mary we are just keeping the place mowed and giving up on the pruning. I suspect the new owner will be over with his bobcat rearranging things. We hauled another load of stuff off Sat. My niece offered to store my many totes of yarn. Got set up online with an account with title company so we can track the progress there. Lawyer called back after his military leave to tell dh things were moving along on straightening out his retirement. We have an appointment with the mover to come out on Thurs. Today we are visiting with dh's distant cousin from FL at the genealogy library. Their third great grandfathers were brothers. We met her while doing genealogy research after she moved from this area.
  18. Granny Square to the rescue. Thank you for the info.
  19. bgs

    Little kitty

    Little Kitty is absolutely adorable. I love the little heart nose.
  20. bgs

    Celtic Weave

    Its something I have admired but not tried.
  21. I am not terribly great at charts but this is what I am thinking. Do you see the arrow in the section on the left? This is your starting point and is chain #1. Count those dots going clockwise. I am on my phone so its hard to see but I am getting 80 something. Chain that many. Slip stitch into the 19th chain from the end of your hook (my count may be off here too) chain 7, skip next 7 chains and slip stitch in next chain --- do this sequence 6 times then chain 3 and join to chain #1. On this chart I am not sure if what I called slip stitches are slip stitches or single crochets. The symbols arent exactly like what I find on https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards/crochet-chart-symbols https://www.anniescatalog.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=708&type_id=S&scat_id=3
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