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  1. I think your very small group may be larger than you think. My husband's cousin Bob has been crocheting most of his life (he is probably mid to late 60's now). He does beautiful work. He made us an afghan for our wedding. He usually has a bag of strawberry, watermelon or flower smiley face potholders to hand out. He says it always makes ladies smile when he hands them out. I am familiar with Boliver as my Dad has family down that way. I think many years ago one of his cousins ran a restaurant there. I can remember stopping in there for lunch when we coming back from visiting with my Grandmother. Anyway and from MO (between Lee's Summit and Warrensburg)! And good job on the dragon!
  2. bgs

    knitting boards?

    You might want to study the ones at this site also. http://www.decoraccentsinc.com/ This is a brand new one. http://www.kiss-looms.com/ Instructions for making your own if you have the tools and do some basic woodworking. http://home.earthlink.net/~dickrobinson/index.htm I waited and purchased my Knifty Knitters when the price had dropped and then got them for 50% off at Hobby Lobby and don't regret purchasing them. I like to keep small projects on them and carry them with me when I am out and about to work on while waiting. It is easier to get a feel for wrapping on the larger pegs.
  3. bgs

    knitting boards?

    I bought the round ones first as they were out first. The pegs are very large and they are spaced pretty far apart so you have to use very thick yarn or two strands. Trying to do flat pieces like scarves are harder on the round ones as they want to curl up. Also there is a wrong and right side to your piece.The long looms have smaller pegs and are closer together so you can get a tighter stitch with smaller yarn. You can do double knit on them so both sides of your project look the same. You can also knit around it to make a hat. I have heard that people have had problems with the larger long looms. The sides tend to pull in in the middle of the loom which will affect your stitch size. Everyone tends to wrap the pegs too tight until they get the hang of it. I have purchased a couple of wooden looms also. They come in different gauges. These are some of my favorite sites. It is incredible all the things that can be made on the looms. http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/loom_knitting.php http://www.loomknitting.com/catalog.php?category=6 http://www.loomknitterscircle.com/ http://isela.typepad.com/looming_crafts/tutorials.html
  4. Check out the Lion Brand site. They have a few ideas for at least hats, wigs, etc to use in costumes for kids. The patterns are free but you have to register with the site. http://cache.lionbrand.com/content-crochetPatternIndex.html?d=Children
  5. You don't really have to know how to read Japanese characters as their patterns usually are written using symbols or diagrams. http://www.grannys-garret.com/symbol_crochet/symbol_crochet.html#top
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