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  1. Donna it does work on mobile! That is nice to know.
  2. Ratdog glad they were birdseed and not rat droppings. When things get busier at work do they schedule you in or are you on call day to day? Donna I like that it has the recently used section. I tend to use the same ones over and over. Its sometimes a little tricky on mobile getting down to the old 'ville ones between fat fingers little screen and then the smaller screen within the screen but I was tickled when they became available on mobile. Well now to figure out what to tackle this week. Today its laundry and scrubbing out the birdbath. I had asked dh if the birdbath was icky and he said no.......... Might haul it up to my niece this week. Need to pack up his Coast Guard boating safety pamplets and gear so he can turn them in tomorrow night.
  3. Krys all the reasons that you listed are what stops me from pursuing other crafts. As it is I dont get around to stiffening my thread projects because its messy and I have to do it in the kitchen. I can sit in the living room and crochet any time of the day and while watching tv. I can carry it with me in the car. I can always find a charity in need of most anything I crochet. I am looking forward to life after the move. Just getting thru the process is hard. There are a few things I will miss here like the birds especially the hummingbirds, the cats that moved into our shed and flowers and bushes I set out. Many were starts from my grandma, dad, and dear friends who are all long gone. I will not miss the dust off this road and the ticks. I think my health will improve. Before I came out here I spent an hour every day exercising in the pool plus walked 6 miles or bicycled 12. No more the both of us spending two hard days shoveling snow after those record snowfalls that are now coming more frequently. Dh is keeping one of the shovels in case they dont get our walk and drive shoveled out fast enough to suit him but that is going to be soooo easy compared to here. I think its going to be easy getting used to picking up the phone to have someone come repace a lightbulb in the ceiling. It is definitely a very different life. We have been reading the info they have given us and asking lots of questions as there are a whole lot of rules right down to the color of curtains and drapes should you decide to have them.
  4. No actually we will be 40 miles closer to our bonsai meetings, dulcimer meetings, zoo ( we are friends of the zoo) garages that work on our cars, dentist, orthodontist, favorite pizza place, genealogy library, and to dh's job had he not retired. Its going to be great not spending at least two hours out of our day on the road any time we are out.
  5. Welcome to the 'ville. I am glad you decided to join us. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyone's projects (even non crochet projects)! I love the inspiration, encouragement and motivation that I have received from fellow members here. I hope you will join in on the chatter in the CAL's so we get to know you better.
  6. Nia welcome to the 'ville. I am so glad you decided to join us. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyone's projects (even non crochet projects)! I love the inspiration, encouragement and motivation that I have received from fellow members here. I hope you will join in on the chatter in the CAL's so we get to know you better.
  7. We are not moving very far---about 40 miles but in the right direction closer to family, friends, and most everything we do. We currently live on 5 acres and have more mowing, trees to cut down, brush trimming, and weed removal than we can handle.
  8. Mary Jo you mean this one? For me it is 9 rows down and 4 over in what I call the Crochetville section emoticons. Dh brought me home last night so I could watch the game. Dont usually pay much attention to pre-season but this year we are excited to see where the season leads. Even though he only played one drive (ending in a touchdown) I could see Maholmes has matured. He had the presence of mind to not run on into the end zone like he easily could have and then get tackled but instead slid to the ground with the ball just shy of the end zone giving coach a thumbs up and grin when he got up. Looked like two of our young rookies have great potential-one wide receiver and one running back and that was with 3rd and 4th string quarterbacks which werent looking too bad either. I didnt get a good read yet on the new defense but it just has to be better than last year with the new defensive coach and new guys they brought in. I think they are holding back showing the new defense until regular season. As busy as we had been this week yesterday we drove in to work on a severely overgrown and abandoned resting area that is part of the larger park where we meet for bonsai. We worked hard in the heat and humidity from 8am until 12:30 pm and I "glistened" so much my clothes were drenched so glad I had a complete change of clothes with me. We also had to hike a little way to get to it carrying shovels, rakes, and chainsaw. Luckily parks dept hauls off the debri. I kind of question the wisdom of this project as our crew is made up of old people with breathing problems, bad knees, backs and arms. I was the youngest at age 63 and we had one in her 80's. We dug out weeds, dug out little tree stumps, dug out bush stumps, dug down in ground so we could cut larger stumps off with chain saw below ground level, and prune trees with loppers and chain saw. We even had to dig down to find the old edging for garden perimeter. I told them when were leaving that I was moving in order to not be doing this kind of work anymore. I was so tired and sore when I made it home to my chair just in time to watch football.
  9. Cindy sounds like a lovely evening with friends and spotting the ship. Hope you have a nice trip with the RV. Diana love the flowerpillows and c2c blanket. As if we hadnt had a busy enough week we drove in yesterday morning and worked in the heat and humidity from 8am until 12:30 pm at cleaning out an abandoned resting area that is part of thelarger park where our bonsai meetings are held. It was so grown over you wouldnt know it was there. It was hard hot work that included a little hike to and from it lugging our shovels, rake, hoe, and little chain saw. Sad thing is the crew consisted of old people with gimpy knees, hips, arms and breathing problems. Youngest person there was me at 63. Oldest is in her 80's. Afterwards I told them one of the reasons I was moving was so I didnt have to do this kind of work anymore.
  10. Well the nice thing if its a mandala yarn you can make everyone the same thing and they will all look different because of the way the colors change.
  11. Awesome job! Its going to be gorgeous.
  12. bgs

    Decyphering a pattern

    It started renumbering and adding the a because you will be doing this sequence in other places around the pattern----the places marked B. It says or because continuing in your count they would also be row/rounds 21, 22, and 23.
  13. Any place you thought was interesting. I dont travel much and never overseas.
  14. Krys I did try a couple of projects back when I had the software and it took me several hours to get the image of my neighbor's Bostons lifted from a photo so I could make a shirt transfer. I would hope someone that knew and worked with the software could do it much faster and do a good job. I loved the deco mesh wreaths you were showing us before you got blocked. I would like making them but I dont want to start something else that I have to buy new supplies when I already have so much other stuff. I did not want to move but dh was insisting. We have 5 acres in a rural area. Its getting harder and harder to keep the place mowed, dead trees cut down and brush trimmed. Most anytime we get in the car its an 80 to 100 mile round trip. It would not be good for me to be here if something happened to dh first. The move puts us closer to my one niece and two sisters and pretty much everything we do. My other niece and nephew's grandma just moved to assisted living there. They can visit both of us in one trip! The place we are moving to has a gym, aqua center, outdoor pool and another small indoor pool, 9 hole golf course, lake, bowling alley, movie theater, 7 restaurants, lots of hobby groups, transportation around the village and off site. The neighbor wants the place and has the money so its better to get out now so we didnt have to fix anything and clean it out to list it. I am so glad you are back.
  15. Because every color change equals 2 more ends to work in!
  16. Mary Jo trying to get the steps timed right. Pulling money from 401K. Need to close on this place. Then close on that place. Then its time for the movers. I am going to have some things with us so I can move some things in as soon as they give me the keys at closing like toilet paper, diet coke, towels, dish soap, some pans etc. Movers would like 2 weeks notice. Village wants 3 days notice for move in because they set up an appointment in afternoon day movers move your stuff in for people to come to activate outlets for tv, phone, computer, and emergency system. They want 10 days notice if you are porting your phone number which we now know we cant. Thats sort of good because I didnt want to be out here without my landline since our cells are in and out but means I have to learn a new number and I havent really committed my cell phone number of 10ish years to memory yet. Right now I cant remember how much notice village wants to close but seems like it wasnt much. Guess I should ask again. Even after the movers move stuff up there I dont know which place we will wind up staying at for awhile as there will be a lot of stuff here to get packed up to go to auction. The mover rep that was out gave us the name of someone that does buyouts so will check into that. We can leave stuff behind but it would be nice to get money for things that are worth something and I really want to cleanout as much as I can.
  17. Cindy sounds like a lovely evening. I think I could sit and watch that fountain for hours. Mona hope you get a quiet weekend. Judy how are your Yankees doing. Dh is faithfully supporting his Royals. I am looking forward to football with the Chiefs. Another week has whizzed by. We had a consultation this week to make sure we were on track with taxes since we have so many major changes going on. Thankfully we used the guy whose office is located in the retirement village so he had very pertinant info that I dont have yet and other accountants would not have had. The other good thing was this visit was free. We also hauled more paver stones to my niece's house. Trying to always be hauling things out of here everytime we are on the road to someplace. A rep from the moving company was out yesterday. The retirement place pays $1000 of our moving expenses so definitely wanted to use them to move the big stuff. Now I know how to pack. Tues we went to see Lion King. It was good to not have moving stuff running thru my head for a couple of hours. Wed evening we went to the church picnic. I was glad that it wasnt terribly hot. Dh had fire dept training Mon night and tonight. We have some more things loaded for the thrift store since we are headed into the city tomorrow.
  18. Elena welcome to the 'ville. I am so glad you decided to join us. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyone's projects (even non crochet projects)! I love the inspiration, encouragement and motivation that I have received from fellow members here. I hope you will join in on the chatter in the CAL's so we get to know you better. I am really enjoying all the photos you have posted. Thank you for those and the patterns you have shared.
  19. I am ocd so it would bother me enough that I would pull it apart and if I had enough yarn redo it trying to match my earlier tension which might require me switching over to a larger hook. If I didnt have enough yarn I would pull it out back to where its even and use it as a lapghan.
  20. bgs

    Pattern Help

    Awesome! Please share a photo in show and tell when you get it finished. We love seeing photos of everyones work.
  21. Welcome to the club! Been there done that in both scenarios. l would guess in my lifetime I have pulled out enough stitches that would make a blanket large enough to cover a football field. If you are ABSOLUTELY sure you have the same number of stitches in every row and used the same hook throughout then your tension got tighter as you worked it. I think 7 inches would be a lot to try to stretch or block out.
  22. I have only done color changes in smaller projects and never have tackled a graphghan. First thing to check on is how you are making your color changes. http://www.kariscraftsonline.com/2015/10/crochet-graphghans-how-to-change-color.html?m=1 Even when done correctly you dont get a crisp dividing line on all sides of your image. You can see that on this Christmas tree mug rug http://www.katiebugdesign.com/mug-rug-pattern-series-part-2-christmas-tree/ I have done some research and am intrigued with this but have not tried it https://www.recrochetions.com/p/reversible-intarsia-resources.html?m=1.
  23. That will be a lovely picture with Cesar and those blankets. I hope you find someone to do it. One would think it would be easy finding someone to make the picture. My ancient computer came with photo editing software that would do things like that. I miss that computer. I have mailed off 150 mini stockings so far and have a few more made. I have made a few afghans for Project Linus. Dh and I are downsizing and moving to a senior place. We have a hold on a duplex there and we have a contract on our place working through the title company. Its a bit overwhelming now but its a good move for many reasons.
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