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  1. Happy birthday Mary Jo! Hope Tampa Guy's 6 month dr visit goes well. I am taking it slow this morning. Dh is off to his class. We will walk over for lunch and then make an Aldi run. They play a lot of cards here but I dont like playing cards. This afternoon it is bridge. Then they have a scrapbooking/drawing group. Some day I might wander over and see what they do. Another afternoon ceramics is listed. From what our area manager said I think they sell at craft shows held and money goes into Foundation which does a lot----provided ambulances, gym equipment, remodeling, replaced audio video equipment in Pavillion etc.
  2. Thank you for sharing the link. That is a really pretty edging. I like the blanket pattern too.
  3. 39° with sunshine and no wind felt good today. Lots of melting but a lot of white left. Mary Jo it sounds like Lea's Princess should be wearing that t-shirt. Mahomes was a big hit at lunch. Sent the remains home with Derek. I am guestimating he is mid twenties. He is a beanpole with the best smile/grin and has the most interesting wardrobe----all kinds of Chiefs, Royals, and Mizzou clothing. He has a men's very tailored suit that is white with little Santas printed all over it--- --and he looks good in it. I always look forward to seeing what he is wearing. Today he gave the intro for the service which was on miracles and well uh the Chiefs making it to the Super Bowl and Mahomes were on his list of miracles. Snowbear it would help to see the body type of the doll-----like is it a baby doll, adult figured doll or child figured doll. Depending on body type you might be able to use baby or toddler patterns. Yesterday was our first Sat back for bonsai since early Sept. We had a board meeting and late lunch so didnt get back until 4p because I had to stop and pick up the cookie cake. This morning out to church at old place. Had fellowship lunch afterwards. Back here for a bit. Then off to a Christmas dinner/meeting with the bee association which was nearby. It had been postponed from Dec to last Sun because of snow. Then they postponed it to this Sun because of football game. This was our last time and there were a few people we wanted to let know we had moved and had officially given up beekeeping. Dont know why I am so tired.
  4. Krys beautiful painting. Gosh you are so talented at so many things. Mary Jo not shoveling is great. Dh was able to wait them out this time. We also figured out if we move the suv out of the drive way over to the parking lot for apartments across street they do a real good job of cleaning the drive. Look at the chocolate chip cookie cake I bought for church fellowship tomorrow so I guess I am taking Patrick Mahomes to lunch tomorrow.
  5. This explains what you are going to need to do.
  6. Ratdog hope you got to feeling better as the day went on. Mary Jo snapped these for you when we walked over for lunch.
  7. Here is one. It uses 4 strands. I cant work with 3 and work tight as it needs to be. There is discussion at end as to yarns tried and failed. http://byjennidesigns.blogspot.com/2016/01/Marleyscatcaveorbed.html?m=1
  8. Ratdog love how it turned out. Like the reminder to pray and not worry. Collette nursing home for this place is just across street. I met a lady that volunteers in assisted living that suggested the nursing home here and assisted living. I am so new I am just trying to learn how things work and not step on anyone's toes. Met another lady that quit prayer shawl group and said she was going to make lapghans but when I suggested that to our area manager she thought one group was making them quilts. Very thankful today its 37° with drizzle and dense fog. We had appointments this afternoon that we made back in Nov and the only reason we got today was she had a cancellation. Another address change taken care of. Too bad we have to go back in May to renew but she went ahead and made the appointment.
  9. Nice job. I just cant seem to master 3 strands and crocheting tight. Have you thought about using 2 or 3 different colors of yarn instead of having to come up with 3 skeins same color? I have liked the effect when I use 2 strands with different colors.
  10. Thank you. So much work setting up new equipment and getting systems communicating properly with each other. I made rectangles for WAU a long time ago and found it challenging making them the right size.
  11. Katy love the blanket. You do such a good job putting the colors together. Mary Jo the drum deck is new this year and houses the big drum that they used to wheel onto the field for pregame. Last Sun's game drum honoree was Clark Hunt and Tony Dipardo Spirit Leader was Paul Rudd just like last year's AFC championship game. They use different people every game generally former Chiefs player, Royals players, or special guests. Not sure about Rudd's dad. I did a search and his dad passed in 2008 and was a vice president at TWA. He might have been one of the many in the past to have done it. Another day with snow. It alternated between snowing really hard and rain multiple times today.
  12. Denise beautiful dress. I have tried a thing or two that didnt work but at least we tried. I have yet to master those bird nests that Lyn makes. I can work with two strands but when I add that third one I invariably miss getting all three pulled through. Darski you are the reason I am here. One of your doll clothes patterns led me here. Chris another cute baby doll outfit. I always look forward to seeing your projects.
  13. Mary Jo sounds like we are about as warm as you are. THATS JUST WRONG! You live on that part of the map in my mind that is always warm with lots of sunshine. You did catch the part about the map was in my mind and well sometimes funny things happen in there. Lea, Wyatt has a grandma that loves him so much she will move heaven and earth to make things be ok. Ratdog I watched Scorpion and liked it.
  14. I finished this prayer shawl last night.
  15. bgs

    Prayer Shawl

    Thank you. I lucked out on the pooling this time. The gray and butterscotch in two skeins are noticeably darker (middle section) but the gray stripes make it work.
  16. They have a prayer shawl ministry here and they meet in the apartment building straight across the street from me. I turned that one in to them this morning. They have yarn you can use. I have plenty of my own yarn to work up but it was nice to be able to pull the gray I needed off their shelf instead of having to buy some. I needed the gray to break up sections because the colors in a couple of skeins were noticeably darker. Bad thing is the chaplain that was instrumental in starting this retired and they are not being given out so they are several ahead.
  17. Mary Jo dont forget Joe Montana ended his career as a KC Chief so he can guarantee his team (what I heard was he just said "his" team) will win. I was never thrilled KC signed him. Thats why I keep saying we will lose Mahomes and wind up with Brady yet. Well maybe not. They finally fired that gm. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/joe-montana-his-team-win-super-bowl-liv
  18. Thank you darski. You were my inspiration to branch out into making shawls. I needed to make one last year for a friend and fell in love with your green with envy pattern. You were also my inspiration to branch out into doll clothes last year. I am so glad you are here with us.
  19. bgs

    Prayer Shawl

    Starting to get settled in to our new home at a senior community. Prayer shawl ministry meets across the street from me. Just finished this one. They want rectangular 24 by 60 inches. This used up some old Red Heart Wintuk in Pebble with a little I Love This Yarn in Greybeard. Stitch pattern is Jamie from this baby set. https://m.lionbrand.com/item/313435353231 This pattern works really well to adapt it to work from center out and if you do it that way there is no need to add a border.
  20. So far only up to 20° and we had flurries this morning. This morning dh ran out to our old area for errands so stopped in for a class at our church. Our neighbor there has a 89th birthday coming up next week so had a present for her. While he was there he went to our old place to give the cats the cans of food he bought the day after we starting living here. Miss Hissy and Cleo greeted him. Gray wasnt around but he tended to hole up somewhere in this kind of weather at that time of day. They had a big bowl of dry food and are being watered. I had been worrying about them especially with the bad weather. I went to prayer shawl group. Only one other lady was there. Chaplains havent been handing them out and they have several ahead so some ladies are dropping out. I am having some problems today posting and have been getting error messages and time outs. Lea its a new world for me. I am the stay at home watch tv and crochet type and not into going out that much. The good thing about these parties is we dont have to do any of the work. Just buy the tickets which seem pretty reasonable. Mardi gras was $15 which includes dinner---crab cakes, New Orleans red beans and rice, chicken and sausage gumbo, beignets and King cake, a Hurricane cocktail, open bar, masks, beads, games, dancing and entertainment by Jazzy Jazz and the Bayou Boogie Shoes Band. Tickets to Super Bowl party were $5 and they are going to have wings, rotel dip, little smokies, chips, vegetables and dip, cookies, soda, tea, coffee and a cash bar. Our tickets are going in for a drawing of some sort but havent heard for what. Completed a prayer shawl last night.
  21. Welcome! I worked in a hospital lab for 20+ years (but 20 years ago). Like you I also worked chemistry. I worked all of Chem dept but somehow I inherited the responsibility of watching over Special Chem-----the ordering, maintenance, QC, etc for Special Chem. A group of us that worked there just got together a few weeks ago. Sadly the pathologist we had been with for so many years passed away and his funeral was the morning before our party so we started the evening off with glasses held high and a toast to Dr. B. He was 90 years old. I started working with him What kind of crochet projects do you like working on? I like making ministockings for a group that fills them to distribute to active military at Christmas. I have made scarves, hats, afghans, and a lot of potholders. We enjoy seeing what everyone makes.
  22. Its absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful pattern and yarn.
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