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  1. Mary Jo I dont think they would accept dh vouching for me here. They want very specific mail ---- letter from one bank where we changed address and closed out account wasnt good enough----had to be a statement. Letter from another bank reminding us when safety deposit box fee would be charged was not good enough as it was not a statement or bill. They want bills dated within the last 30 days and not a photo copy of it. All my bills you mail back the part with name and address and most all come with just his name even if I am on the account. They will not accept anything you have printed from online--- bank statement or bills. At least they did let me black out my bank account number on bank statement. They copy everything you use to qualify into a computer system for the state and I was concerned about hacking. I was shocked that they accepted the change of address notice we received from PO when we had mail forwarded because it just says our last name and then family. I have been there and they nitpicked how the address was written out on my mail---NW 850 versus NW 850th Rd. Krys that is just insane. What planet are these people from? 33° and sun is shining. Yesterday was in the 20's, cloudy, and a touch of snow. I stayed in all day and watched the parade on tv.
  2. Lea I filed for SS online. It said I might be contacted by mail to supply more info but never was. I took my marriage license in to them right after I got married and got a new SS card issued with my married name so it was verified at that time. SS is federal so state wouldnt have any say on application process----they dont play well together most of the time. We made an appointment to go in a year or so before applying because we both had questions. The lady was ok but said we could have just called.
  3. So pretty. Love seeing your trees and tables.
  4. You repeat the entire sequence that is within the brackets 5 times. dc inc, dc, dc, dc inc, dc, dc, dc inc, dc, dc, dc inc, dc, dc, dc inc, dc, dc, dc inc dc dc Placement of the x5 within the brackets would mean something else.
  5. Mary Jo love the doll outfits especially the colorwork you did on the red one. Dh made darn sure he was off work and not downtown for the Royals parade and that would have been the one he wanted to see. (He likes baseball not football. He only got interested in football when Mahomes started playing). Some that did go into work the day of Royals parade thought they would get to watch but it was just too crowded-------- much better on tv. There will be many more people try to get there this time as Chiefs are way more popular and they are a rowdier bunch. Last time people parked cars all along the interstate and on entrance and exit ramps and hiked in. I sure wouldnt want to be packed in a crowd that size standing for that long not to mention the logistics of getting to one of the very few porti- potties. They are trying to be better prepared this time. On news they pointed out last time cell phones often didnt work because towers in area were overwhelmed so they would be using walkie talkies, should have one adult with each child and hang on to them, child should know name and contact info or write it paper and put it in their pocket, and think about bladder control--they are going to have more porti-potties but..... It snowed hard for a while this morning but melted but temp is dropping and more is on the way.
  6. Ratdog love the ears. Lyn for some reason sis #1 was into watching the Chiefs back when we were kids so we all watched with her. She has always loved Len Dawson their quarterback back when they won Super Bowl 50 years ago. For many years he was the sports reporter on a local tv station. The team dr was on staff at the hospital where my mom worked and which is where players were sent. Its pretty hard in this area to not see or hear about the Chiefs. Mary Jo my favorite replay is the one with all those 49ers partying in the end zone thinking they had the game won. We had a good time at the Super Bowl party. Tickets were $5 and there was so much food-- little smokies, meatballs, chicken poppers and ranch dressing, chips and queso, vegetables and dip, rollups, little bags of chips, coffee, tea, cans of pop, decorated sugar cookies, pretzels and cash bar. They had drawings and games like trivia and bingo. It started out with probably 250 people. Some left right after eating and people kept leaving until there was about 50 of us left. The staff "tried" to get the group fired up using their megaphones. They also went around and checked that everyone was doing okay.
  7. Lea love the trains. It was a red letter day for me when I signed up for SS. My mom never lived long enough as well as a grandma, a grandpa and uncle. I signed up online. And its another RED letter day. I lived long enough to see to see the Chiefs win the Super Bowl one more time.
  8. Did anyone else have problems getting here this morning. I tried to get on about 830 this morning and kept getting a error code. Mary Jo church this morning was sea of red. Pastor had Chiefs logo on big screen superimposed over KC skyline in faded out red. One couple was there with their 3 week old baby girl. She had on a shirt that said "My first Chief's Super Bowl" as did her mom and dad along with another young couple. They had them made special. Dh said he guessed ours would say "My last Chief's Super Bowl" if the past record is any indication of the future. 60° with lots of sunshine. Its almost hot out with a touch of snow in a few places. Time to head out for the SB party. Things will either be really crazy here in a few hours or else really down.
  9. Mary Jo I hadnt seen the baby pictures. Such cuties. Mahomes hair is pretty popular. They sell a hat that is the band with the hair. Put it on instant for an instant Mahomes hair do. He flew his barber down for a haircut and to attend the game. Katy Super Bowl 54. Its the Kansas City Chiefs versus the San Francisco 49ers. Its been exactly 50 years since KC made it to a SB. Chiefs beat the MN Vikings which was a big deal because Chiefs were part of the new AFL and the AFL was viewed as being pretty inferior to NFL. Chiefs also played in SB 1 and lost to Green Bay Packers. We went to bonsai this morning and then a group of us went to lunch. This evening I finally made it in the pool at the aquacenter.
  10. bgs

    Rose Paintings

    You did a wonderful job. I like the way they pop off the one with black background. Glad dh was able to get those 3 bushes for you. I know they must be very special.
  11. Mary Jo the Hunt family decided to take everyone associated with the franchise to the Super Bowl----front office staff, scouts, janitors, receptionists, security, etc and their families. Clark said "We felt it appropriate to bring the entire team." Estimated to be around 2000 people. Its a gray damp day but at least no snow this morning. Decided to go off campus for lunch today and swing by genealogy library. Dh wanted to do some more research and we had old eyeglasses to drop off in donation box there.
  12. NeutralGround a doily or block a month sounds like a good diversion. I wonder why WUA decided they wanted rectangles over squares. I find it so much easier hitting the right size with squares. Judy nice batch of hats. Mona this year I only got out our Christmas stockings, plush Snoopy with a Santa hat, my mom's ceramic trees with lights, and a few snowmen. I got them out late and am not in a big hurry to put them away as the trees and snowmen to my way of thinking are perfectly acceptable for Jan/winter. Sometimes I leave a small "Christmas" thing or two out year round just because it makes me happy. If I had the space I would have a room set aside and filled with Christmas year round. I have started on ministockings for W4W. If only I had mailed off the ones I had completed just as we were moving they would have hit 4000.
  13. Krys hope those 5 weeks go by quickly and its healed by then. It seemed like forever with my niece. So have you ever pointed out to your daughter that those cats' feet were in the litter box amongst poop and pee before walking on the table and kitchen counters? I know they are going to push the limits and get up there but they can be taught not to. Hi Nikki glad you dropped in. Mary Jo the 49ers got off plane in party mode and have continued throughout week. Said some were out clubbing til 4am. Chiefs have been trying to keep it business as usual and have a curfew. It was interesting that the roads thru parking lot are paved but parking spaces are grass and no tailgating allowed. Last night we walked over and listened to a country band. Skipped the chilidogs. I like chili but not hotdogs unless they are grilled and have some char on them. Nothing exciting today. Just laundry and dh went bowling. They are saying we might get more snow tonight. Where is that 60° they keep promising?
  14. bgs


    Is there anywhere in the pattern where she says what B is? SQ is? I am guessing INC is increase and DEC is decrease. This should be somewhere in the pattern.
  15. bgs


    What I would have to do is study the notes and make a list of her abbreviations and their meanings. Then I would have to write the pattern out replacing the abbreviations with what they meant.
  16. Ground was white again this morning but its 32° and melting. Glad it wasnt bad as we had to go by sheriff's dept to drop off a corrected check for transferring my CCP from old county to this one------I messed up the year on one I gave them last week for me but got his right. Still need to make trip to county courthouse to get our vehicles on this county's books for personal property tax. Hopefully we about have all the address changing taken care of. Even when we think its taken care of its not always. Got a call from title company today wanting our new address. I called them with it in Oct.
  17. bgs


    Is this it? https://heartsprinkle.com/?p=642 You are going to have to scroll down and really study the notes which should also have been included with the pattern.
  18. Krys how is your foot coming along? My niece had to have screws in her foot when she was 10. Seems like they were in for a long time. It was hard getting her around on crutches. She couldnt go to school for a long time either. We had to pick up and drop off her assignments. There was a ditch that runs in front of the house which is where she slipped and fell. Thats bad that your daughters dog treats you like a chew toy. She really should work with him on the biting. It will be sad if he bites someone and he gets taken away from her or she gets sued.
  19. Oh I think the phone rang and must have hit submit. When they got off the plane in Miami Andy was in A BLACK SUIT! A bunch of the guys like Mahomes and Kelce wore matching Hawaian shirts in homage to Andy's attire of choice. 91 year old (on birthday Feb 2) groundskeeper George Toma has once again come out of retirement to take care of the field as he has done for every Super Bowl. He took care of fields at Arrowhead and Kauffman for many many years. This season he came back and designed the end zones for Chief's 60th year (when you include the time they were the Dallas Texans) anniversary. He did a throwback design inspired by those he did for old Municipal Stadium in KC. He says best insurance for players is a safe field and said he brought in grow lights for parts of field there in Miami.
  20. Lets see. I walked across the street for the prayer shawl group this morning and no one showed up. I did run into a couple of maintenance guys and asked them about our fireplace. We flipped the switch the other day and waited for a long time and it never lit up. Pilot light is on. They said our unit had been empty for some time and it probably needs cleaned. Need to catch a day when we will be here for awhile and call in a work order. I want to be here so I can ask questions. Walked over to lunch about 11:30. They asked about seating us at the big table where people come and go so we could mingle. We usually sit at little table in section off to side so I can sit and look out at golf course and little lake. I told them first you make me have to leave the house and now you want me to mingle! Well we started at big table and our neighbor sat and ate. She left and a few others we have met came. Then a couple walked in that we were seated with at the special dinner a couple of weeks ago. After trying for several minutes to remember their names I went over to ask their names again. Then dh came over so we sat with them. Dh had to leave because he had dulcimer practice. When they left the lady that runs this dining place saw I switched tables and said you're still here? I replied you told me to mingle and now I am headed over to that table to visit with the lady over there. When I finally left I told her I had done my mingling for the week or so I thought. Wound up with lengthy conversations with a couple of other ladies as I walked thru the hall coming back. One lady said she saw us there all the time and thought we were visiting someone there. I got back at 2pm. All this mingling has eat ip the day and worn me out. I am an introvert and my favorite hobbies are watching tv and crocheting-----or the solitary sports as I call them. Mary Jo Andy was in a
  21. Granny Square my old hand me down was a #7 and its my go to for thread.
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